WWE SmackDown: Sheamus vs. Bryan, the Divas Wrestle and More

Kyle SchadlerChief Writer IMay 5, 2012

WWE SmackDown opened with Sheamus stating that he loved to fight. Will he fight Daniel Bryan again? Yes he will and then he started a massive “yes” chant that lasted throughout Bryan’s entrance.

At least WWE is finally embracing the “Yes” chants. I see it as the new “What,” as in it’s never going away.

Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan

Sheamus picked up the win by disqualification after Ricardo Rodriguez hit a cross body block on him. Post-match, Del Rio locked in the cross arm breaker followed by Bryan locking in the Yes Lock.

I was enjoying the match until the finish. I know that Del Rio is in line for a World Championship match at Over the Limit but I think it would have been better suited if Del Rio attacked him after the match.

Like I said, though, the match itself was good. Bryan was great as he worked over Sheamus’ shoulder and the champion performed great as well.

Thankfully this match continued later on in the show.

Backstage, the trainers were checking on Sheamus. Did we really need to see that short of a segment? I think a simple mention by the announcers that Sheamus was being checked on would have sufficed.

Kofi Kingston and R-Truth vs. Hunico and Camacho

With the former champions Primo and Epico up on the ramp, as well as Rosa Mendes and A.W., the champions picked up the win after R-Truth hit the Little Jimmy. I thought this was a decent outing but was the typical tag-team match.

The faces controlled the beginning, only to be dominated in the middle but the hot tag changed everything and resulted in the face victory. It’s the same formula seen over and over again.

Despite that, Kingston and Truth make a good team. While they’re just randomly thrown together like Air Boom were, I like them as a team more than I did Air Boom. They showed that they have some good chemistry together.

Hunico and Camacho make a pretty good team as well and I hope that WWE actually pushes them as one.

Brodus Clay vs. Jack Swagger

The Funkasaurus won the match via count-out after Swagger just walked out. This wasn’t the typical Brodus Clay squash match but it still wasn’t that good.

I’m glad he’s in a real feud now but I want to see him have a real match for once.

It’s sometimes hard to believe that Swagger is a former world champion. He’s fallen so far since losing the title in June 2010. It’s a shame because Swagger is a great talent.

The same goes for Dolph Ziggler as I feel he’s one of the best in-ring talents WWE has, yet he’s stuck in a feud with someone that goes by the name of Funkasaurus.

Backstage, Daniel Bryan and Alberto Del Rio were arguing. Bryan wanted the match to continue and Eve said that it could if doctors cleared Sheamus.

Despite not being a fan of Eve, I’m interested to see where this storyline is going. I think she’ll ultimately be the downfall of John Laurinaitis, though his match with John Cena at Over the Limit obviously won’t do him any favors either.

Damien Sandow was going to make his in-ring debut against Derrick Bateman but he cut a promo about how he was there to benefit us and wrestling Bateman wouldn’t do that.

He left and Bateman acted like a five-year-old repeating “I want a match, I want a match” until he got his match.

The Sandow character is very interesting. He reminds me a bit of Sean O’Haire’s character from 2003 but better. The “You’re welcome” line is also reminding me of Saturn’s Moppy gimmick.

Either way, his character can lead him to being a major heel on SmackDown if done right. WWE will probably screw it up, though, and push him down our throats so quick that we’ll grow tired of him after a few months.

It happened with Alberto Del Rio and it very well could happen to Damien Sandow.

Derrick Bateman vs. Ryback

Ryback picked up the victory in his typical squash match. Nothing special really happened so I’m just going to move on.

Kane and Cody Rhodes vs. Randy Orton and the Big Show

The faces picked up the win after the Big Show hit the WMD on Rhodes. Despite having elements of WWE’s typical tag match, I thought this was a good one. The match was back and forth and it featured some nice action throughout.

I especially liked Big Show’s flurry of offense as he tackled Kane and threw Rhodes into the ring.

All four men performed great here and it made for an enjoyable match.

I was hoping that the Orton/Kane feud was over, though. The mask is really doing nothing for Kane and I think it’s time to move Orton back into the title hunt.

As for the Big Show/Rhodes feud, I’m fine with it continuing. Each owns a victory over the other and the rubber match needs to occur.

Backstage, the fans got an update on Sheamus as the champion declared that he was there to fight. At the least the match got to continue. That’s the only purpose this little segment had.

Layla vs. Natalya

Layla picked up the victory with a neck breaker that seemed to come out of nowhere. This was actually a decent match as both Divas were allowed to perform. If the match didn’t end so abruptly, though, this probably could have been quite good.

Layla has improved so much since her Diva Search days and Natalya is a legitimate wrestler. They could have had the best Divas match in years if given the time.

I wasn’t surprised that they were given so little time as WWE clearly doesn’t care about the division.

Backstage, Eve was giving instructions to Aksana and Antonio Cesaro during a photo shoot. The end saw her forcing Teddy Long to rub oil on Cesaro’s chest.

I was hoping that Cesaro would debut alongside Chris Hero to form the Kings of Wrestling in WWE but obviously that’s not happening. The team could really help revitalize WWE’s dying tag division but then I remember that they don’t seem to care that it’s dying.

I just hope that Cesaro is able to have some good matches and isn’t just there for the Teddy Long/Aksana storyline.

Staying backstage, A.J. apologized to Kaitlyn for slapping her last week. Kaitlyn then told her that the “pity party” she was going on needed to stop and A.J. slapped her again, knocking her to the floor.

I love A.J.’s new attitude. It’s much better than her lock sick character. This way she’s actually showing some attitude but I wish it was being shown on someone other than Kaitlyn.

Being a trained wrestler, I’d like to see her go after Layla and the title instead of being wasted in a throwaway feud with Kaitlyn.

Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan

Sheamus picked up another victory, this time when Bryan leaped off the top rope and the Celtic Warrior connected with the Brogue Kick. This was quite the good match here. It featured some nice action but what I liked most about it is that it made Sheamus look human.

He’s been a wrecking machine for too long; it was about time WWE made him look like a normal human being.

Bryan did a great job as he targeted the shoulder the whole match and Sheamus sold the injury very well.

I’m glad nothing came of Del Rio’s interference this time as I wanted to see a finish. That Brogue Kick was awesome!

It’s a shame that this feud is over as Sheamus and Daniel Bryan work very well together and have great matches.

Overall I thought this was a good episode of SmackDown. The highlights were definitely the second tag-team match and both Sheamus/Bryan matches combined.

I actually enjoyed the Divas this week as well. They were allowed to have a match even though it ended out of nowhere.

The backstage segments were fine but weren’t anything too special.

The highlights of the show are certainly what made this SmackDown an overall enjoyable one.


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