WWE News: Update on the Future of NXT and Superstars Programs on WWE.com

Chris HumphreyCorrespondent IMay 5, 2012

During a conference call last Thursday concerning the WWE’s earnings in the first quarter of 2012, Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon commented on where he desires to see his programs, NXT and Superstars, land in the future.

In the meeting, McMahon wanted to see the two programs leave their current home online at WWE.com and instead be broadcast on “traditional networks” like Raw on USA and Smackdown on SyFy.

According to the source, what are the possible landing spots for NXT and Superstars as they look to return to television from the company’s website?

From PWInsider.com:

Sources in the company have told us that one possible home for the shows would be Hulu, which should have a WWE ally in their current TV partner NBC Universal, which has an ownership stake in the company.  WWE also has a content deal in place with YouTube, which has been fruitful financially for them.  Some in the company believe WWE would like to leverage Hulu and YouTube against each other to get the best deal that they can for the shows.

Even though McMahon wanted the two programs on what he termed a “traditional network,” the potential choices of Internet giants like Hulu and YouTube would be much better options for the WWE instead of putting it back on television.

With the company’s growing presence on YouTube, the addition of NXT and Superstars would be a great addition along with the webisodes offered on their redeveloped channel like Zach Ryder’s Z!: True Long Island Story and Dolph Ziggler’s WWE Download.

The WWE could spread out their programming with Raw on Mondays, NXT on YouTube Wednesdays, Smackdown on Fridays and Superstars on Sundays to give their fans plenty of actions throughout the week.

Like I mentioned in my recent article about the future of NXT and Superstars, the latter program could be streamed live on YouTube before pay-per-views just like the WWE did before Extreme Rules with the match between US Champion Santino Marella and the Miz.

With NXT and Superstars likely remaining on the Internet, which website would you choose between Hulu and YouTube to be the better option for the WWE to broadcast their minor programs through the week?


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