Best by an Inch or Mile: Better Is Better—More Pro Bowls or More Super Bowls?

Wesley MairContributor IJanuary 30, 2009

TOM BRADY....TOM BRADY. T...O...M B..R...A..D...Y.  PEYTON MANNING.... PEYTON MANNING.... P..E....Y...T....O....N M..A...N...N...I..N..G.

Time and time again we here these names. sometimes in a sentence, sometimes in a paragraph. In articles, classrooms, dinner tables, in the cafeteria, at home, on Madden for Xbox 360 or Playstation 3. One way or another we here these names and most of the time the question is, who's better?

Day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year the same discussion comes up. Who's the best of the best? Each fan from their respective teams the Colts and the Patriots say that their quarterback is the best of the best.

Most people that write articles about Peyton and Tom seem to favor Peyton over Tom. Then when I read what other people have to say it seems to me that its pretty even, I hear TOM BRADY is the best, then when I read the next one it says, no, PEYTON MANNING is the best quarterback today.

Then it jumps back to Tom than back to Peyton and it keeps going back and forth, and if someone comes along and says, "listen y'all they are both equal okay," your going to tell that person to shut up because you know for a fact who's the better quarterback. What makes these two the best, most people say it's because of what they do, others say because of their stats.

I say it's because of how they do what they do, and how they do that makes their stats. These two players amaze me, that's why I think they are the best, they both make my mouth drop open in amazement, did I just see that, no way, no way.

Like when you feel your team is about to beat the Colts or the Patriots, and Tom or Peyton makes a last minute drive for a touchdown and your team losses and you just sit down and stare at the screen with your mouth open cause you cant believe what just happened. So who's better, who does their job more amazing than the other, which of these superstars makes you drop your mouth and say he's the best. Let's find out:

STATS: We all know that Peyton Manning has way better stats than Tom Brady, we don't even have to argue about that. A total of 19,000 plus more yards, 100-plus more touchdowns, Peyton even has more rushing touchdowns than Tom. Why is it that Peyton has better stats than Brady? Is it because he is better than Tom?

I can't agree or disagree to that, one reason he has better stats is because he's been in the league longer than Tom, we all know that. During Peyton's second year in the NFL Tom was still in college trying to get some recognition, so when Brady did get into the league he was three years behind Tom we all know that, plus Brady rode the bench for most of his rookie season while Manning got a lot of playing time during his rookie season.

So Brady was playing catch up from the start. then to make it worse last season Brady got hurt by injuring his knee and was out for the entire season so now that makes him a total of four years behind Peyton. But hey, like they say, age is nothing but a number. Four years is nothing but a number.

If Peyton Manning say out for a total of four years we don't know if Tom Brady can catch up to all of Peyton Manning's stats. I'm not saying it's impossible, but we never know.

Peyton Manning did his things with the stat sheet, I give him props for that, I clap my hands for him. We still can't base it off of years though because Kurt Warner has been in the league the same amount of years as Peyton Manning and Manning has better stats than Warner.

So Peyton has better stats than Brady, that's just the way it is. If you're talking about playoffs then that's a different story because in the playoffs Tom Brady has better stats than Peyton Manning.

They may not be way better, but they are better, and that's what counts. Tom has more yards and touchdowns than Peyton in the playoffs. The regular season is great, but the playoffs is where it counts, I would rather have my quarterback to perform better in the playoffs than in the regular season.

TEAM: Whose team is better? Who makes their team better? I here these questions time and time again.

As of right now, if you were to ask me whose team is better I would probably say that they are pretty much even. Both their defenses are pretty much equally strong although Colts have a higher rank. I think their offenses are pretty much equally strong but if the Patriots had Tom Brady they will have the higher rank.

So yeah, they are equal. Colts are better in defense and the Patriots are better in offense, but on both sides of the ball they are not way better than each other.

Back in the past you can say it was a completely different story. A lot of people always say Tom had the better team because his team had defense and Manning's didn't. Those people fail to realize that Manning had an offense in the past, Brady didn't.

We can argue about this all day, but Patten and Givens just doesn't compare to Marvin Harrison. Deion Branch doesn't even come close to Marvin Harrison, to prove my point about him what is he doing now.

The only thing these team were pretty much equal in was the running game. Even though it sounds like the Colts had better running players and talent, the Patriots had a better running scheme.

So back in the past they were pretty much equal teams the only difference between these two teams is the quarterbacks. Which quarterback can make my team win in certain situations or which quarterback can make the play when we needed it most. Over the years we all know that it was Tom Brady. Peyton Manning even knows it was Tom Brady.

I'm happy that Peyton Manning got to and won a Super Bowl, cause if he didn't he would be remembered as the quarterback who couldn't win the big game. It's not just that the Patriots had a better defense than the Colts, it's that the Patriots have had a better defensive scheme than the Colts did.

A better defensive coordinator, you switch the Colts defensive players from the past with the New England defensive players from the past the New England will still have a good defense because of their defensive scheme.

Look how old the New England defense is now, and to top it off they are slower, the Colts defense is very young and quicker, but both these team are in the top 10 in defense, because of their defensive scheme.

I don't really have to talk about offense because both of these quarterbacks can take any receiver and make them great. For example, Wes Welker and Brandon Stokely.

Peyton Manning vs. Tom Brady: Okay we all know Peyton has better stats and their respective teams are pretty much equal. So team vs. team, Manning vs. Brady, which team and which player have won more against one another?

The Patriots with Tom Brady have beaten the Colts with Peyton Manning more times, more times. Tom Brady got the best of Peyton Manning the first time these two ever faced each other, Brady's team was 0-2 and Peyton's team was 2-0 and the Patriots won 44-13.

The last time these two faced off their teams were both undefeated at 9-0, Peyton had the game in his hands, but Brady had the ball with time left to go and that won them the game.

So Brady's team beat Peyton's team more times than Peyton's team has beaten his, so how is Peyton better? Peyton Manning can destroy any other quarterback at any given time in the league today, but when he goes up against Brady he can't win most of the time.

I still won't say who is better than whom. I will let y'all decide between who's the best of the best. Let me ask you one final question though: Would you want a quarterback that has been to more Pro Bowls are would you want a quarterback that went to more Super Bowls?

If I had to start a team and pick a quarterback, I would have a tough decision no doubt about it. But by the end of the day there's no doubt I would pick TOM BRADY over PEYTON MANNING.


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