"Shea Goodbye" To The Former Home of The Mets on Saturday

Kevin RothContributor IJanuary 29, 2009

After many years of service to the New York Mets, the big blue stadium will soon be no more.

This Saturday, a group of fans from Baseball-Fever.com will host an unofficial goodbye celebration for her. This group of fans and possibly you, will walk around what is left of the old stadium and take pictures, reminisce on old memories and stories from the stadium and have a great time.

The old stadium is going fast, so if you want to see Shea for one last time, this may be your last chance. The group will meet at noon on the Northern Boulevard side of the street, at the plaza where the traffic circle sat, if you're interested. Lets try to give Shea one last send-off!

Media outlets have been informed about this, and Peter Haskell of wcbs880 wrote a report on it, along with WFAN who talked about it on the radio. Evan Roberts from WFAN may even show up to the event.

If you are looking for something different and exciting to do this weekend head on down to Shea! (or whats left of it) For more info on this event please visit this forum