Kansas City Chiefs............Plenty Of Names For New Coach

Ted ShamblinContributor IJanuary 29, 2009

 Let the fun begin..............Bill Cowher,Jon Gruden,Todd Haley, Bill Parcells. Are just a few of the names floating around to replace Herm Edwards as the next Chiefs head coach.

 Before the Chiefs can hire a new head coach they must deal with the Rooney Rule, which requires them to interview a minority candidate. Leslie Frazier and Winston Moss seem to be the top names among minority candidates.  The big dream in all this is Bill Parcells and Bill Cowher-both former Super Bowl winning coaches. Cowher now with CBS and Parcells Miami's vice-president. Cowher is standing on his word of setting out another year. This while Parcells has a $ 10 million option to leave now that the team has been sold.

 But remember......No Super Bowl-winning coach has be able to go to another team and win the Super Bowl again