Jay Mariotti is an idiot

Sixty Feet, Six Inches Correspondent IJanuary 29, 2009

I'm watching Around the Horn on ESPN and Mariotti just revealed himself to be completely ignorant as to how the American legal system works.

The topic is Barry Bonds and his stance is that if the feds have a urine sample for Bonds that's tested positive for steroids, then the case is closed and he is guilty.

However, Bonds isn't being accused of steroid use or possession—he's being tried for perjury. Bonds testified that he never "knowingly" used steroids, so the government has to prove that he knew the nature of the substances he was using.

The positive test is Part 1: proof that he used steroids. Bobby Estalella is Part 2: proving that Bonds knew what he was taking. This is what is called "building a case" in legal parlance and it's not entirely shocking to me that the oaf Mariotti isn't smart enough to comprehend that.

With moronic blow-hardy comments like these, it's not surprising that when Mariotti left the Chicago Sun-Times, the reaction was somewhat similar to that of roughly 66 percent of the United States population on Jan. 20.