NFL Draft 2012: Weirdest Things That Happened over Draft Weekend

Thomas ConroyCorrespondent IMay 4, 2012

NFL Draft 2012: Weirdest Things That Happened over Draft Weekend

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    The 2012 NFL draft has come and gone with little fanfare. Yes, we all expected the Indianapolis Colts to take QB Andrew Luck with the first pick of the draft. Then, it was our first opportunity to congratulate the Washington Redskins on winning the RG3 sweepstakes.

    After that, things got a little crazy in Radio City Music Hall. 

    Before the start of minicamps across the NFL, let's take one last look at the weird things that happened over draft weekend.

The Drafting of Brandon Weeden Signals the End of Colt McCoy Era

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    The Cleveland Browns used the 22nd overall pick in the first round on QB Brandon Weeden, signaling the end of the Colt McCoy era in Ohio. Everyone sees the writing on the wall for him, as it’s the business side of the NFL working to perfection.

    The Cleveland fans have complained that McCoy doesn’t have the arm strength to be a top quarterback in the league, but if Weeden doesn’t start immediately, then the Browns will have a controversy on their hands. Yes, McCoy has the talent to develop into a quality backup quarterback, but it cannot happen in Cleveland.

    Eventually, the Browns will start Weeden. Whether it’s in Week 1 or Week 8, you can guarantee that he will play this season. 

The Osi Umenyiora Contract Situation

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    It wouldn’t be an offseason if DE Osi Umenyiora wasn’t upset with the New York Giants.

    No one knows if he will hold out this July during training camp, as once again, Umenyiora voiced displeasure about his contract situation. Last year, his disappointment didn’t have a much of an impact on the Giants; they went on to win another Super Bowl title.

    General Manager Jerry Reese must make a decision on this matter: Either offer a contract extension or trade Osi to the highest bidder. One thing's for sure, the Giants will not become a desperate franchise if Umenyiora chooses to sit out. They believe their pass rush is the best in the NFL.

    Unfortunately, Osi has no leverage in this fight, and his best move is playing out the final year of his contract to become an unrestricted free agent next offseason. 

The Seattle Seahawks' Bizarre Drafting Methods

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    Patience is in order for the Great Northwest, as Seattle Seahawk fans are up in arms over Pete Carroll’s unorthodox approach to the NFL draft. They screamed, “What were you thinking?” when he drafted LB Bruce Irvin in the first round.

    The hope is for him to turn into an important member of the defense, but some draftniks only rate Irvin as a third-down pass-rusher from the outside. Insiders will swear the Seahawks only selected him in order to keep Irvin away from their NFC West competitor the San Francisco 49ers.

    As a fan, you hope the Seahawks' draft mistakes aren’t of the franchise-killing variety. Their recent history under Carroll in regards to his draft selection process has proven to be more right than wrong.

    The final outcome of this year’s draft will not be decided until we have seen the players on the field for a few seasons. 

The Jacksonville Jaguars Selected a Punter in the Third Round

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    The initial reaction to the Jacksonville Jaguars drafting of punter Bryan Anger in the third round was nearly unforgivable, as the team had other needs to fill. Personally, I would have selected a potential starter or gathered roster depth before drafting a special teams performer.

    The Jaguars front office will tell you their punting average was 31st in the league last season and was a main contributor to their losses. But please don’t tell me that Anger was the best available player at that point in the third round.  

    If you weren’t sure on the pick, then trade down and acquire extra draft choices. The Jaguars could have packaged the pick in an attempt to acquire QB Tim Tebow earlier in the offseason.

    You wonder why the national media never take the Jaguars seriously…it's moves like this that keep you shaking your head in disbelief. 

The Absurdity of the 2013 NFL Mock Draft

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    Well, we’re a week remove from the 2012 NFL draft, and now it’s time to preview the 2013 NFL draft with our first mock draft.

    Do you know how absurd that sounds?  

    And if you can construct a 2013 mock draft, then you need to leave your home once in a while and enjoy the outdoors. Too much can happen between now and next April, as some unknown player will emerge to become the flavor of the month in next year’s draft. A highly-regarded athlete will fall from grace due to a devastating injury or an off-the-field issue that will hurt their draft status.