Rex Ryan and 3 NFL Coaches Who Should Be Worried in 2012

Hristina Tisheva@soddisfazioneCorrespondent IMay 4, 2012

Rex Ryan and 3 NFL Coaches Who Should Be Worried in 2012

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    A brand new professional football season will start on Wednesday, Sept. 5, 2012. The New York Giants will host the Dallas Cowboys.  

    And while the National Football League will break the tradition of kicking off on a Thursday, which it had done since 2002, five coaches will hope their season will be different too.

    There is hope and expectation that the New Orleans Saints will make it to Super Bowl, even though they look good just on paper after losing their head coach and suspending four players.

    Their new coach Joe Vitt should be worried for obvious reason, but Rex Ryan and four other coaches have a reason to fret, too.

Rex Ryan

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    The outspoken head coach of the New York Jets should be worried about keeping the locker room in check.

    The media frenzy and fans’ debate on Mark Sanchez vs. Tim Tebow has temporarily quieted down, but that’s only until the season opener against the Buffalo Bills on Sept. 9.

    And this is not the only tough game on their schedule.

    Playing away against the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Miami Dolphins will be challenging.

    And as if that isn't enough, the following game is against the San Francisco 49ers.

    By the time the Jets get a break playing the Houston Texans on Oct. 8, they may already have a losing record. That will get fans talking again, or rather demanding that Tim Tebow  start at quarterback.

    If Ryan doesn’t get it right these first few games, his expertise in coaching the Jets will be seriously questioned.

Andy Reid

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    The Philadelphia Eagles’ head coach can probably still hear the echoes of the "Fi-re An-dy!" during the loss to the New England Patriots last year. 

    He was given a 14th chance coaching the Eagles. But if he doesn’t make the most of it, which is getting the Eagles to their 10th playoff appearance under him, he is likely to start over someplace else.

    Fans are certainly out of patience. They may shout even louder if by the time the Eagles play the New York Giants on Sept. 30, which will be their fourth game of the season, they have a losing record. That is unlikely, though.

    That’s why if it happens, owners may actually hear the fans this time.

Jason Garrett

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    The 2012-2013 season is the second full season Jason Garrett will start as a head coach.

    Dallas have missed the playoffs in three of the past four seasons. Last season wasn’t successful, at least not by my standards. Their 8-8 record last season was enough to let Garrett keep his job, but another draw or a losing record won’t be.

    If they beat the Giant in the season opener, the tension may ease.

    It doesn’t get easier for Dallas. When you look at their schedule, they play at home only three out of their first nine games. Three of the teams they will visit were in the playoffs last season.

    If Garrett survives the first nine games, then he will be in pretty good shape for the following season.

Pat Shurmur

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    Pat Shurmur should worry because of the team’s coaching history, for one. He is, after all, the third Cleveland Browns coach since 2008. It’s proven that the owners don’t have the patience to “build” a winning team.

    Do you notice all those away game on the Browns’ schedule, including against the Giants on Oct. 7? They are in a tough position playing four road games out of six.

    With quarterback Colt McCoy’s future with the Browns uncertain, I wouldn’t be surprised if they have a losing record by then. Maybe Trent Richardson, their new running back, will help. He is certainly tough enough to do that.