All World: How Abraham Washington Can Change the WWE

John CobbcornAnalyst IIMay 4, 2012

All World: How Abraham Washington Can Change the WWE

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    For those of you who endured the eye-blistering horror that was "The Abraham Washington Show" on the now defunct (for a reason) WWECW, you might be wondering if, as the author of this article, I have lost my mind. 

    I assure you, that I am most sane, when I say that I do believe, that if the WWE handles Abraham Washington correctly, his presence can change the entire landscape of the WWE. 

    Let's put behind us, the tragedy that was his initial introduction to the WWE in 2009 for the ECW brand, and focus on this sole aspect of Brian Jossie: The man knows how to work a microphone and is not at all lacking in charisma while on it. 

    These are the only attributes needed for the manager role he is now portraying. (Plus the ability to take the occasional bump.)  To debut him with his own show, replete with horrendous jokes and Tony Atlas' ridiculous laughing, was a mistake.  The role of fast-talking manager is the role for which he was meant to play. 

    So, wiping the slate clean, and focusing solely on his new role as a manager, I would like to take a look at the potential this new character has in reshaping the WWE. 

    First, with starting his own talent company, Washington has set the groundwork for a brand-new movement in the WWE.  Technically, with the signing of Epico, Primo and Rosa Mendes to his new group, he has already started a new stable in the WWE. 

    However, Epico and Primo, are hardly the high-wattage signings needed to revolutionize the WWE, and aren't on the level of guys like Mark Henry or Ryback, who Washington also pursued.  Also, a manager, valet and two low-level wrestlers are not truly a stable.

    I believe it is important for the WWE to use Washington as a tool to create a stable that can give fresh life to dying superstars, elevate wrestlers who have been languishing in the mid-card, and utilize main-event talents for credibility, as well as further entrenching them in their roles at the top. 

    All of this can be done with the, admittedly, annoying, former talk show host who was once one of the black eyes on the WWECW legacy. 

    In this article, we will take a look at the top ten International WWE talents that Abraham Washington can sign into his "All World" stable.  (I chose wrestlers from all around the world, including the United States, to play into the "All World" name of the group. I chose one wrestler per country, based upon who I thought could benefit the most, while bringing a balanced mixture of top- and lower-tier talents to the group). 

    We will also examine how these talents can benefit from associating with the All World Talent Agency, and how together, they may be able to change the face of the WWE. 

10. Aksana (Lithuania)

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    Aksana doesn't bring much to the table, other than her looks.  She's not the greatest mic worker in the WWE, due to her heavy accent, and she is an even worse wrestler than she is a talker. 

    However, she has recently aligned herself with "old friend" Antonio Cesaro. (Who will later appear in this list.) So, if Abraham Washington were to pursue and succeed in signing Cesaro, Aksana would come as a package deal, similarly to how Rosa Mendes came with Epico and Primo. 

    Aksana clearly lusts after power and powerful men, so it would only be a given that she would want to align herself with a budding new stable of up-and-comers. 

    Aksana would work with Rosa to try and secure the Divas championship through nefarious means, or help Rosa win the title herself.  Their primary goal would be to bring the Divas championship back to the "All World" Talent Agency. 

9. Yoshi Tatsu (Japan)

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    Most of this list will consist of heel wrestlers, but Yoshi is one of three who will be mentioned that should turn from face to heel. 

    To say that Yoshi Tatsu's career has been on a severe downward slope since coming into the WWE is an understatement. 

    In 2009, he was a top contender for the ECW World Heavyweight title and was beating stars like The Legacy.

    But, since those early days, he has watched his career slide down to the level of playing prank wars with Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins on Superstars, and is only called up to the main shows of Raw and Smackdown, to be beat upon by Lord Tensai, Darren Young and Titus O'Neil. 

    The ultimate ignominy came recently, as Yoshi had to ask his small following of fans to stop a "Save Yoshi Tatsu" campaign on Facebook and Twitter, as their assumptions that he is soon to be 'Future Endeavored', made him look "weak."  (I'm pretty sure it's the WWE Creative Team doing that, Yoshi.) 

    Clearly, if you have to ask your fans to stop begging the WWE not to fire you, something needs to change.

    Yoshi has never played the role of a heel in his three-year WWE career.  Changing his personality, reverting to his more aggressive Japanese look (pictured above) and aligning himself with Abraham Washington could be just the thing to get Yoshi's career back on track.

    Naofumi Yamamato is a very talented wrestler, but has the same struggles with microphone ability as Aksana, in that his way of speaking makes it hard for him to convey the charisma and proper articulation necessary to sustain a lengthy run at the top of the WWE. 

    With his physical skills and oratorical shortcomings, being paired up with a man that can speak for him is critical. 

    In the end, Yoshi should be repackaged as a silent assassin and helper.  A good comparison would be Jimmy Yang in his "Akio" character while he was teamed up with Yoshihiro Tajiri and Sakoda back in 2003. 

    It would take some time to erase the memories of Yoshi Tatsu as a squash-match victim, but with enough run-ins and beatdowns, Yoshi Tatsu could be taken seriously as a henchman/bodyguard type for the All World Agency.  Especially if he is allowed to use his stiffer Puroresu style. 

8. Ezekiel Jackson (Guyana)

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    Ezekiel Jackson is in the exact same boat as Yoshi Tatsu, even sharing a loss with him recently to Titus O'Neil and Darren Young on Smackdown. 

    Like Yoshi, Jackson experienced a modicum of success upon entering the WWE, having been crowned the final ECW World Heavyweight Champion and also becoming Intercontinental Champion. 

    However, he too, has been lost in the shuffle and has gone from PPV appearances, down to losing dark matches to new talent, like his recent loss to Dean Ambrose. 

    Ezekiel Jackson has suffered from two things in his WWE run:

    1. Severe booking mismanagement of his career. The entire "Corre" angle, in which he had a short lived alliance with Wade Barrett, Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater was a disaster that damaged the careers of all men involved.

    His Intercontinental title reign was just as brief and bereft with booking mistakes as the Corre group, itself.  These poorly planned ideas and angles had a huge impact on Jackson's ability to connect with the Smackdown audience afterwards, and he was quickly de-pushed in favor of the rising Cody Rhodes.

    2. Jackson's own limited ability also plays a role in his fall from grace.  Rycklon Stephens, as a man, is a very intelligent and articulate individual.  However, despite this, his speaking delivery is completely devoid of charisma and emotion.  Furthermore, his in-ring ability is severely limited.  The majority of his in-ring maneuvers consist of simple clotheslines and scoop slams. 

    Thus, Rycklon's de-push, and resulting basement status, is partially his responsibility as well.  He could choose to take acting classes, public speaking classes and work on adding new moves to his repertoire. 

    With his massive physique, the WWE would much rather have him at the top of the card than the bottom of it.  But, it's up to him to improve himself.  And honestly, the fans do seem willing to embrace him.

    In the interim, a stable like Abraham Washington's would be the perfect place to hide/cultivate a man like Ezekiel Jackson.  With minimal ring skill, he can easily be hidden in tag-team matches, run-ins and backstage assaults.  Surrounded by other, more charismatic speakers, he wouldn't have to say much, just intimidate people as enforcers should.  

    Basically, stables were made for men like Ezekiel.  A place to hide the flaws of weaker talents by grouping them together and covering for each other's weaknesses, while working to improve.

    The sell for Washington would be easy.  Jackson, as a character, is a man who has lost his edge, lost the villainous brutality that once had him as a feared competitor and champion in the WWE.  

    With nothing to lose, and already at the bottom of the heap, why not return to the heelish enforcer he once was and join the All World Agency? 

    His goal in the organization would be to keep Washington safe from the enemies of the All World Agency, while being rewarded with a U.S. or I.C. Title run, here and there. 

7. Jinder Mahal (India)

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    They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression. 

    If that is the case, then Yuvraj Desi has a long way to go to make people forget his first year in the WWE, thus far. 

    Jinder Mahal is a textbook example of why you don't fast-track talent to television unless you are absolutely sure they are ready, and you have a plan in place to make them successful. 

    After spending only one year in developmental, with dollar signs and the Indian market in mind, the WWE shot Jinder Mahal up to the main roster and straight into a (doomed to fail) feud with The Great Khali and Ranjin Singh. 

    The Great Khali, at that point, had already gone well past his expiration date at the top of the company. (A place he never should've been and only got to because of his height and resonance with his home country.)

    Khali was no more than a glorified, mid-card giant doing kiss cams at the point Mahal encountered him. Fans had long since tired of his incoherent ramblings on the mic and lethally boring in-ring performances and merely tolerated his presence, much like an over-sized Hornswoggle. (I think his entrance music was more over than he was. It is catchy.)

    Basically, no matter what happened, nobody would really care about the outcome of a Mahal and Khali feud. Mahal never had a chance of getting any elevation out of it. 

    To make matters worse, the gimmick they rushed Mahal into was already being done, and done better, by Alberto Del Rio.  They probably would've been better served by introducing Mahal as a business partner and fellow elitist to ADR, than to start him off with Khali. 

    On top of this, Jinder Mahal came in to the WWE as green as a football field full of four-leaf clovers in Green Bay, planted by Green Day. 

    It comes as no surprise that after only one year spent on the top roster, Mahal is only a Superstars mainstay and only sees time on Raw or Smackdown when Sheamus needs someone to kick in the face, or Orton needs someone to RKO. 

    When the last idea WWE Creative has for you is an obsession with the quality of your hat, complete with its own glass case, you know you're in trouble. 

    Despite this ill-conceived and unfortunate introduction to the WWE fan base at large, Jinder Mahal does have redeeming qualities:

    When speaking in English, he is serviceable on the microphone.  He also has a good look and size, and he is getting better in the ring with the time he is spending on Superstars.

    Jinder Mahal would be another easy pick up for Washington.  The Mahal character, in the past, has been painted as ambitious and wanting to rise to the top of the WWE, which is why he keeps getting in the face of guys that are way out of his pay-grade and getting beat down for his trouble. 

    Washington can easily play upon Mahal's desire to not just be a performer on Superstars, but to be a Superstar performer. 

    While that will be Jinder Mahal's wish, in reality, his level will probably be one of "goon" for the All World Agency.  Counted on to help bigger stars in the Agency win their matches, provide extra muscle for all-out brawls and be rewarded with a low-level title reign like the U.S. or Tag Team titles from time to time. 

    It's not much. But, it's better than Superstars. 

6. Mason Ryan (Wales)

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    Earlier, I said that a stable was the perfect place for guys like Ezekiel Jackson, because it hides their flaws.  That applies doubly to Mason Ryan. 

    The WWE, once again, went faster than they should have and elevated Mason Ryan from development to the main roster in a little over a year and a half. 

    They, more than likely, thought they had a wrestler on their hands that could be their replacement for Dave Batista, who had left the company eight months prior to Ryan's elevation to the main roster.  (Batista left May 2010, Ryan debuted January 2011). 

    Batista was never the world's best worker.  Nor was he the best promo cutter in WWE history.  But, without a doubt, he had tremendous charisma, playboy swagger, and an animal-like presence in the ring that was befitting his nickname: "The Animal". 

    If the WWE thought they had found his replacement in the look alike, Ryan, they were severely disappointed.  Not only was he a far worse worker than Batista ever was, he also didn't have a fraction of Batista's intangibles that allowed him to become a top draw alongside of Cena. 

    Mason Ryan is uncoordinated, slow and robotic in the ring.  He neither sells nor delivers moves with any believability.  His microphone skills and charisma are non-existent.  You can't even find a Mason Ryan promo since he's been called up to the main roster, as they don't let him touch the microphone. 

    If you've had the pleasure of watching a promo of his in FCW, you'd know exactly what I meant when I say he cuts promos like one of The Beatles. If the Beatles were mentally challenged. 

    The WWE, has since realized that Mason Ryan is not their new Batista.  Ryan may look like his brother, but that's where the similarities end. 

    However, as the WWE tends to do, they pushed the needle too far in the other direction and have since de-pushed Mason Ryan to almost scorched Earth levels. 

    While Mason Ryan certainly wasn't skilled enough to stand beside Punk at the top of the card and feud with the likes of Randy Orton and Kane, it's a bit unnecessary to remove him from television altogether at times, and at others, subject him to losing streaks on Superstars to guys like Tyler Reks, Primo and Epico. (Even if Reks, Primo and Epico do have more talent.) 

    Big bruisers like Ryan do have a place in the industry.  And the enforcer role is a good fit for men like Ryan and Jackson, and I could even see them forming an enforcer tag-team for Abraham Washington's stable. 

    They don't have to talk.  They don't have to wrestle much.  They get in the ring, destroy someone, and get out of the ring, while Abraham Washington describes in great detail, their motivations and gathers the heat for them. 

    Mason Ryan is currently a face, and the last time he was ever seen on a show that actually airs on television, he was turning down another heel manager in Vickie Guerrero. 

    But, in turning down that opportunity, he consigned himself to Superstars and dark-match irrelevancy.  A fact Abraham Washington could use to convince the Welshman to make a different decision this time around. 

    Then hopefully he can convince him to get a better haircut.

5. Drew McIntyre (Scotland)

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    Up until now, we've been discussing the lower-tier draftees for the All World Agency; men who have severe limitations on the mic and in the ring, and would best be served as goons, muscle and bodyguards, until they make improvements.

    Now, we start focusing in on more high-grade talents and blue-chip prospects. 

    We'll start with the woefully misused Drew McIntyre.  

    Drew Mac, upon entering the main roster on Smackdown was literally proclaimed "The Chosen One" and designated as a future World Champion by Vince McMahon himself. 

    Drew was living up to that moniker by showing adept skills in the ring, complete with a slick "Future Shock DDT" finisher, loads of heel charisma and Leo DiCaprio-esque good looks. If he had any immediate flaws, it was his heavy Scottish accent, that made proper enunciation difficult for his promos. 

    Like wrestlers who are given time to develop in international markets and developmental territories, Drew came in looking slick, polished and ready for prime-time.

    With the support of Vince McMahon, it seemed he was on the fast track to success, handily dismissing established faces like R. Truth, John Morrison and Matt Hardy, while securing the Intercontinental Championship. 

    But from there, things seemed to stall for the Chosen One.  Perhaps it was the fans reluctance to accept a wrestler that seemed to be forced down their throats as the next "it" guy? 

    Perhaps the WWE failed to strike while the iron was hot and move Drew Mac up to main-event faces in time?  Perhaps, the rivalry between Drew Mac and Teddy Long drew out for too long? (Ha.)

    But somewhere along the way, many fans lost interest in Drew.  That special something started to wane after the first year and his momentum slowed. 

    And, almost as if adding grease to the slippery slope of his slow decent, Drew Galloway had a real-life altercation with, then wife, Taryn Terrell (Known as Diva "Tiffany" to WWE fans) in Los Angeles while promoting Summerslam in 2010.  This led to Tiffany being arrested and fired, with the couple ultimately divorcing.

    From there, Drew was clearly sunk, whether directly related to the L.A. incident, or not.  He was booked in a forgettable tag-team with Cody Rhodes, held the tag titles briefly, then went into an equally forgettable feud with Kelly Kelly of all people.

    And if you've gone from being the "Chosen One" to feuding with Kelly Kelly, you know you're in more trouble than if WWE Creative gave you an ornate hat with a matching glass case.

    From there, Drew would be relegated to Superstars, until he was finally called back up to Smackdown by Teddy Long earlier this year. 

    However, he was only brought up to be completely humiliated by being beaten constantly for months, with his job security being threatened by Teddy Long. 

    Many thought this would lead to a sympathetic face turn for Drew Mac, but instead he remained a heel, did nothing of note, other than being a part of the team that got Teddy Long deposed at WrestleMania 28, and has since disappeared from TV again.

    Truly, Drew's stock couldn't be any lower in the company than it is right now.

    Now is the perfect time for Washington to swoop in and grab Drew McIntyre.  He's doing absolutely nothing, yet, he's a wellspring of untapped and unused potential and could be a key acquisition for a stable. 

    It wouldn't take long for Drew to remind the WWE fan base why he's someone to be hated.  With his smug demeanor and pretty-boy nature, he's the perfect foil for hatred. 

    All you have to do is give him some important wins and feature him as a valued member of All World, and he'll be right back at the mid-level again. 

    If done correctly, he could use his affiliation with the All World Agency to break into the main-event over time.  With Abraham Washington preening and fawning over his prize acquisition in front of fans, Drew Mac glumly soaking it up, perhaps with a sexy woman on his arm and a title around his waist, how could it not garner heel heat?

    If the WWE avoids getting him into anymore meaningless feuds with non-wrestling talent, perhaps the WWE fans won't get bored with him the next time around, either.  

4. Antonio Cesaro (Switzerland)

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    Antonio Cesaro is the newest heel on the WWE's Smackdown brand.  And to put it into a single phrase of what Claudio Castagnoli is as a wrestler and performer, I will say this:

    "If this man fails to become a major star in the WWE, it will be wholly, one hundred percent, the fault of the WWE and yet another condemnation on the performance of their creative team."  

    Having followed Castagnoli for quite some time now, I can safely say that he is the total package as a wrestler.  He has the technical ability, size, strength, look, mic skills and charisma to be a star in this industry. 

    As one half of the Kings of Wrestling (With Chris Hero, now known in FCW as "Kassius Ohno"), he already is a major star, internationally.  

    Castagnoli has held 21 titles in 11 different promotions in his independent career, in addition to numerous other accolades including Tag Team of The Year with Chris Hero from the Pro Wrestling Observer in 2010 and being ranked No. 44 in the PWI 500 last year.  

    The man is a seasoned veteran, completely polished and has all the tools to succeed. 

    For Abraham Washington, this would not be picking up a fallen heel from the depths of Superstars and dark matches and turning them into a reclamation project.  This would be picking up a brand-new, blue-chip talent and using him to bring prestige to your organization.  Something akin to the Carolina Panthers being able to draft Cam Newton.  

    For Claudio, being a premier face of a major heel stable would bring instant credibility and recognition to his fledgling WWE career.  This is certainly something that the WWE wants to accomplish, as evidenced by their ham-fisted and clumsy way of having Aksana dump Teddy Long by kissing Cesaro in the ring this past Smackdown.  

    By introducing him into the "All World" stable, you instantly accomplish that. (Granted, if the stable is built properly.)  

    Cesaro would be its cocky ace.  The tremendous in-ring competitor that doesn't need any help to win, but will take it, anyway.  The Very European fashionista (excuse me, Rugby player...seriously, WWE?) who loves rubbing how good he is in your face, constantly.  

    In a perfect world, the WWE would call up Ohno and reunite the Kings of Wrestling in Abraham Washington's stable and let them hold the tag titles.  However, the WWE is averse to keeping anything that they found in the indies the way they found it.  They always have to "improve" it.  (Rugby? Really? Why not lacrosse? Or cricket?)  

    So, while a KOW reunion in the WWE is unlikely in the immediate future, for Cesaro, the move to All World would probably take him just to the cusp of the main event. He would probably cash in at Intercontinental levels, before breaking from the group and going the rest of his way on his own under the premise that he's so good, he no longer needs All World. 

    And while that may be the premise, the truth is, it would be hard for him to get shots at the top titles if he was still associated with the men to come on the list. He would have to break away to take the next step in his career.    

3. Dolph Ziggler (United States)

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    And then there is the single most misused man in the WWE today. 

    The man who has worked to the bone to improve every aspect of his game, and is ready to break out into the main event as a face or a heel, and yet, is still attached to Vickie Guerrero and Jack Swagger, and forced to lose to Funkasauruses and Cobras. 

    Most fans think it's high time Dolph Ziggler break out from the Guerrero camp and blaze his own trail.  And I would agree. 

    So, why would I recommend Dolph to make a jump from one manager to another, when I just said he doesn't need one?

    Two words: Launching pad.

    The premise is easy. Washington simply reminds Dolph that he's been a client of Vickie's for two years and his career has gone nowhere.  After two years, he's lost in the shuffle when he should be at the top of the heap.  All his business association with Vickie and Swagger has brought him is losses, but by associating with the All World Talent Agency, he can be on the fast track to success again. 

    Dolph would be swayed by his words and dump Vickie to join the All World stable.

    Abraham Washington is true to his word.  He secures a World Title shot for Dolph and with the help of Washington, Dolph wins his second World Title. (Technically, he's an ex-World Champion already, but he had it awarded to him and stripped of it on the same Smackdown back in February of last year.) 

    But, with the successful title win, a fissure would occur within the leadership of the All World Stable and Dolph, similar to when Randy Orton won his first WWE title while a member of Evolution. Triple H, obsessed with the title, and jealous of Randy's success, turned on him and had him exiled from Evolution.

    In that same way, Dolph winning the World Title will be a problem that leads to a feud between Dolph and the next entrant on this list.  The tension with the No. 2 pick would climax with Dolph's betrayal and ouster from All World, and a much needed run as a solo competitor and face in the main event...

2. Christian (Canada)

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    This is the man who would become one of the two in-ring leaders of the All World stable, and the man who would force Dolph Ziggler out of the group after becoming World Champion because of jealousy: Christian.

    Christian's association with Abraham Washington and the All World Stable would be predicated off of one thing and one thing only:

    One. More. Match. 

    Abraham Washington would woo Christian into his stable with the promise of securing him another World Title match, similar to the way John Laurinaitis wooed him to his WrestleMania team by promising him a title shot.  (Unfortunately, Christian would be re-injured and forced out of competition.) 

    Upon Christian's return, Laurinaitis would fail to keep his promise, because Christian didn't keep up his end of the bargain and help him win against Long at WrestleMania. 

    This is where Abraham Washington comes in.

    Washington secures Christian future title shots and at times, Christian uses All World to secure the title as one of its leaders. 

    Christian's affiliation with the group would give it instant main event credibility.  As a former two-time World Champion and a bona fide main-event talent in the WWE, All World would no longer be seen as a bunch of mid-carders banding together, as much as it would be seen as a force to be reckoned with at all levels of the company. 

    In fact, if All World is to succeed at all, it will need to be able to attract, at least, one or two performers at the level of Jay Reso. Otherwise, it'll probably die a pointless death in under a year at the lower rungs of the WWE, when it could be a major, landscape altering, force.

    This angle needs men like Christian, desperately, if it's to be taken seriously and if fans are supposed to care.  With all due respect to Primo and Epico, their level of the WWE pecking order just isn't going to get it done. 

    The relationship with Christian and Washington would be symbiotic.  Christian needs Washington to stay at the top of the company, and Washington needs Christian to lend his Management company credibility. 

    Dolph Ziggler winning the title would create a rift in that relationship that neither man would be comfortable with, and thus, Christian and Abraham would rob Dolph of the title and force him out. 

    Helping to propel Dolph to new levels as a main-event sympathetic face, and further cementing Christian and All World as top level heels in the company. 

1. Wade Barrett (England)

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    And then there is the Alpha male of the pack and Abraham Washington's biggest client, Wade Barrett.

    From the moment Wade stepped on the scene in the WWE during the first season of NXT in 2010, it was blatantly clear that he was a once in a generation talent. 

    Very rarely does someone step into the business with an aura that screams to the vast majority of observers: "This man is a champion!". 

    Yet, Stuart Bennett is that kind of a talent.  His mastery of the microphone, his undeniable charisma, and dominant, British heel persona is one that simply cannot be denied. 

    I once wrote that the WWE Creative Team would have to literally try to ruin this man's career, he was that ready made for the main event.  And, oh, did they ever try their hardest. 

    The WWE Creative Team's handling of the Wade Barrett character has been a comedy of errors and an example of ineptitude rivaling the ugly side of Vince Russo's worst booking. 

    First, they destroyed the hottest angle in years, by having the Nexus lose to Team Cena at Summerslam. Absolutely butchering all the build up they had amassed for the Nexus in the Summer of 2010.

    Then, they move Wade Barrett over into the hands-down worst stable idea in over a decade, when they stripped him of his Nexus leadership and had him start "The Corre."

    Then, they had him lose his Intercontinental Title, a reign that was marked with unnecessary futility, to the far less talented Ezekiel Jackson. 

    Then, they had him float aimlessly around the mid-card for a while, while taking loss after loss to Sheamus.

    Literally, this is a man where all you have to do is let him talk a little bit and win matches, and you've got a star.  You don't have to work hard or be a genius to make him a star.  Just let him do what he does.  And the WWE still botched this man's career.

    Finally, the WWE Creative Team seemed to figure it out: "Hey, all he has to do is show up to the main event and people will believe he belongs there!" and "Hey, all he has to do is win matches and he can be a sustainable top guy!"

    And so, finally, the Creative Team got out of Barrett's way, let him go a winning streak (The unnecessary and ridiculously named "Barrett Barrage"), made him the captain of the Survivor Series team, let him beat Orton, and voila, he was right back in the thick of things.

    And then he got hurt.  

    It's reported that this was supposed to be the year that Wade Barrett went all the way.  That he was scheduled to secure the Money in the Bank briefcase and go on to win either the WWE or World Heavyweight Title.  

    Unfortunately, the Big Show dislocated his elbow when throwing Dolph Ziggler on Barrett, sidelining him until, at least, June or July.  

    Those plans for Barrett, obviously, aren't going to be completely scrapped, though they are probably made more difficult to maintain with the return of Brock Lesnar to the main event. 

    For all the backstage, work-shooting the WWE is doing with Brock, it's hard to imagine them having him for a year and not setting him up as WWE champion.  You don't pay millions to secure non-WWE Champions.

    For Barrett however, he can bide his time and amass his power, by signing with Abraham Washington and becoming a co-leader of the group with Christian.

    Wade clearly has the disposition of a leader, and I highly doubt that The Nexus and Corre will be the only stables he'll be a part of throughout his career, whether he ends up with All World, or not. 

    But, at this moment in time, Abraham Washington and Wade Barrett would be a perfect fit.  Wade's last taste of the WWE title chase ended at the hands of Santino Marella, of all people, in the Elimination Chamber.  A fact that won't sit well with him and one that Abraham Washington can exploit.

    Barrett and Washington also see eye-to-eye on their desire to change the WWE with master plans. (And no, WWE, we still haven't forgotten about the "Winds of Change" and the "Bigger Picture".)

    While those plans came to nothingness, together Abraham Washington, Wade Barrett and All World can conspire to bring the Winds of Change back to the WWE and execute a master plan that gives them preference in the WWE and puts money in Wade's pockets. 

    Because Wade Barrett is all about getting paid.  

    And making Daniel Craig's life a living hell.  

The Man with the Plan

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    So, what is the "Plan" of the "Man with the Plan."?

    If I know WWE Creative, they don't even have one mapped out.  And if they do, they'll have changed it to something horrible and unrecognizable by the time it plays out on TV, and that's if it doesn't just completely disappear like Wade Barrett's "Bigger Picture". 

    What the plan most likely will be, is just to secure title reigns for his talent.  That's what every manager is about.  

    But, might I dare propose an even more ambitious plan? One that might lead to all out war?

    The goals of the All World Talent Agency should be to amass every title in the WWE.

    Then, using their combined influence in the company, Abraham Washington should try to secure corporate power within the hierarchy of the WWE.  Using the titles and the position of All World as the most powerful and influential stable in the industry, as leverage. 

    Once he secures the titles, he threatens the McMahons with taking his talent and all the titles with him out of the WWE. 

    His end-game is to secure the majority of WWE stock from the McMahon family to fatten his pockets and the pockets of his clients, while securing executive positions and perks for his clientele. If the WWE fails to comply? Washington will have All World brutally target the WWE's top stars for permanent injury and then leave the company with the belts.  (Sure, it's illegal, but when has illegality ever stopped a WWE angle?)

    Naturally, the faces of the company, such as John Cena, CM Punk and Sheamus, who have already been warning with All World due to their nefarious practices in winning the titles, would be the primary protagonists to try and save the day. 

    Ideally, this would be a feud that would span over a year or two, and perhaps end with one massive Wrestlemania match where if All World wins, Abraham Washington gets control of the company, and if the WWE wins, All World will lose all the titles in their possession, be forced to disband and Abraham Washington would be fired. (For a time.)   

    Yes, this is a bit of fantasy booking on my part.  And no, a massive feud doesn't have to play out in this fashion, but the point is: there should be a massive feud.  (Preferably one that makes sense.)

    I believe that regardless of how the All World Talent Agency develops, the environment is ripe for a large-scale stable to emerge that changes the status quo of the WWE.

    There are far too many talents on the undercard who roam around aimlessly on the WWE brand.  They have nothing to do but to wrestle matches with little to no back story, and work on levels far beneath their potential. 

    Fans are hungry for something fresh and interesting, which is why interest peaked during events like The Nexus Invasion, The Summer of Punk, and The Raw Walk Off.  It's why people are excited for Brock's return after eight years away.  People want excitement and a break from the status quo the WWE has become synonymous with. 

    If you have a bunch of guys who are just coasting on Superstars or in the middle of Smackdown as squash projects, why not turn them into an army, let them be lead by a handful of top stars, and actually do something that generates interest?  You can even sell All World T-shirts.  You can make a counter-faction of good guys and sell their T-shirts.  (Merch sales, WWE, you guys love that, don't you?)

    This is an idea that can be built into something much more than just an annoying ex-ECW talk show host, stagnating at the bottom of the card with a tag team that barely resonates with anyone.  This could be the start of a massive war in the WWE that will entertain fans for years to come and elevate stars to higher and more profitable levels.  (T-shirts, Vince. Teee-shirtsss)

    Hopefully, the WWE will catch wind of the potential of this angle and use it to make something ground breaking, as opposed to just letting this die a meager death and be forgotten by 2013.

    But, I'm probably just setting myself up to be disappointed, aren't I? 

    Rant done.