All World: How Abraham Washington Can Change the WWE

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All World: How Abraham Washington Can Change the WWE
Pictured: Maxine. (And some other people are there, too.)

For those of you who endured the eye-blistering horror that was "The Abraham Washington Show" on the now defunct (for a reason) WWECW, you might be wondering if, as the author of this article, I have lost my mind. 

I assure you, that I am most sane, when I say that I do believe, that if the WWE handles Abraham Washington correctly, his presence can change the entire landscape of the WWE. 

Let's put behind us, the tragedy that was his initial introduction to the WWE in 2009 for the ECW brand, and focus on this sole aspect of Brian Jossie: The man knows how to work a microphone and is not at all lacking in charisma while on it. 

These are the only attributes needed for the manager role he is now portraying. (Plus the ability to take the occasional bump.)  To debut him with his own show, replete with horrendous jokes and Tony Atlas' ridiculous laughing, was a mistake.  The role of fast-talking manager is the role for which he was meant to play. 

So, wiping the slate clean, and focusing solely on his new role as a manager, I would like to take a look at the potential this new character has in reshaping the WWE. 

First, with starting his own talent company, Washington has set the groundwork for a brand-new movement in the WWE.  Technically, with the signing of Epico, Primo and Rosa Mendes to his new group, he has already started a new stable in the WWE. 

However, Epico and Primo, are hardly the high-wattage signings needed to revolutionize the WWE, and aren't on the level of guys like Mark Henry or Ryback, who Washington also pursued.  Also, a manager, valet and two low-level wrestlers are not truly a stable.

I believe it is important for the WWE to use Washington as a tool to create a stable that can give fresh life to dying superstars, elevate wrestlers who have been languishing in the mid-card, and utilize main-event talents for credibility, as well as further entrenching them in their roles at the top. 

All of this can be done with the, admittedly, annoying, former talk show host who was once one of the black eyes on the WWECW legacy. 

In this article, we will take a look at the top ten International WWE talents that Abraham Washington can sign into his "All World" stable.  (I chose wrestlers from all around the world, including the United States, to play into the "All World" name of the group. I chose one wrestler per country, based upon who I thought could benefit the most, while bringing a balanced mixture of top- and lower-tier talents to the group). 

We will also examine how these talents can benefit from associating with the All World Talent Agency, and how together, they may be able to change the face of the WWE. 

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