Amani Toomer Wrong to Call out Kurt Warner for Controversial Comments

Tim KeeneyContributor IMarch 27, 2017

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - FEBRUARY 04:  NFL quarterback Kurt Warner (R) and Brenda Warner attend GQ, Lacoste And Patron Tequila Celebrate The Super Bowl In Indianapolis at The Stutz Building on February 3, 2012 in Indianapolis, Indiana.  (Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for GQ)
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Kurt Warner recently said he preferred his kids don't play football, and Amani Toomer wrongly called him out on it. 

First, let's dive a little deeper into what exactly we're dealing with here.

Warner, a 12-year NFL veteran, had this to say about his kids and football:

"They both have the dream, like dad, to play in the NFL. That's their goal. And when you hear things like bounties, when you know certain things having played the game... Then you couple that with situations like Junior Seau—was that a ramification of all the years playing? It scares me as a dad."

Fair points, right? Well, not according to Toomer (via Pro Football Talk):

“I’d definitely have my son to play football,” Toomer said. “That’s what the Toomer family does. We all play football. But what this reminds me of is the guy at the basketball court, who once he gets done playing takes the ball and ruins the game for everybody else. I think Kurt Warner needs to keep his opinions to himself when it comes to this. Everything that he’s gotten in his life has come from playing football. He works at the NFL Network right now. For him to try and trash the game, it seems to me that it’s just a little disingenuous to me.”

Oy. Where to start?

How about with Toomer's basketball metaphor? If what Warner is saying reminds Toomer of that certain example, then what Toomer is saying reminds me of this:

A guy at the basketball court who is done playing and takes the ball and shoves it down his kid's throat just because he had a good game. 

And really, Warner is "trashing the game" and being "a little disingenuous"? 

I'd really be interested to see Amani Toomer go through Warner's quote and tell me what exactly was disingenuous about it?

Well, the bounties thing is certainly true. Warner has played the game and knows "certain things," that's true. The link between concussions, a common football injury, and depression has been proven true, although we don't know if that's what happened with Seau.

Everything Warner is saying is true and he has all the right to say whatever he wants. He isn't trashing football, he's just saying it's a very dangerous game, which is a fact. 

Even if he was trashing football, which he isn't, who cares? Warner doesn't owe football anything. He doesn't have to market the NFL on his off days.

And if that's not enough to shut Toomer up, how about the fact that Warner is a dad and he wants to protect his kids? Because from what it sounds like, it just seems like Warner is trying to be the best father he can be, and I'm having trouble finding anything wrong with that. 

For Toomer to criticize Warner for wanting to do the safest thing possible for his children is absolutely terrible.

End of story.