Dan Henderson's 'H-Bomb' and the Deadliest Weapons in MMA

Vince CareyContributor IMay 3, 2012

Dan Henderson's 'H-Bomb' and the Deadliest Weapons in MMA

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    There are some fighters who give the fans exactly what they expect every time they step inside the cage.

    Anyone watching a Dan Henderson fight knows that at any given moment, he’s looking to cock back and deliver his trademark right hand, a strike that his opponent knows is coming but is often completely helpless to stop it.

    Henderson’s H-Bomb may be the most popular signature strike in MMA right now, but there are a ton of fighters who have a not-so-secret weapon in their back pockets, and any time these guys are able to utilize their deadly maneuver, the fight can end in an instant.

Dan Henderson's H-Bomb

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    The legend of the H-Bomb seems to grow every fight.

    After watching Henderson smash through the majority of his Strikeforce opponents using his vicious right hand, it became clear that he had one of the most ridiculously powerful punches in the sport.

    While he was unable to take out Shogun Rua with it at UFC 139, Henderson landed the H-Bomb several times during the bout, knocking the Brazilian down and leveling him with ground and pound.

    Henderson’s next opponent is UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, and landing his big right hand may be his only chance at making it out of the Octagon in one piece.

Urijah Faber's Guillotine

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    To be honest, the guillotine could go to any of the Team Alpha Male members, but since Faber is the leader of that group, he gets the spot.

    Faber and his teammates are well-known for having some of the best guillotine chokes in the business, and Faber finally was able to show it off in his last bout.

    In a title eliminator bout against former bantamweight champion Brian Bowles, Faber rocked his opponent with punches and jumped on his neck early in the second round, and the fight was over soon after.

    Now set to fight Dominick Cruz in July, Faber would love to duplicate the success he had in their first meeting, when he won by guillotine in the first round.

Rampage Jackson's Slams

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    For fans who had missed the brutal slams that Rampage Jackson used to deliver to his opponents during his run in Pride, Rampage provided a bit of nostalgia in his last UFC bout.

    With his back against the cage, Jackson reached down, lifted Ryan Bader into the air and dropped Bader on his head, almost knocking his opponent unconscious.

    Rampage ended up losing the bout, but it was a nice throwback moment for fans who grew up watching Rampage powerbomb Ricardo Arona.

Jon Fitch's Wrestling

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    This attack might not finish the fight, but if Jon Fitch is able to take you down at will, you may as well just accept the loss.

    Fitch is one of the best wrestlers in the sport, and once he is on top of his opponent, he is relentless with his pressure.

    Top welterweights like Thiago Alves and Diego Sanchez have both fallen victim to Fitch’s stifling grappling attack, and after suffering just his second UFC loss in his last fight, expect Fitch to make sure he plays to his strengths in his next bout.

Junior Dos Santos' Uppercut

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    One of the most devastating punchers in the sport today, Junior dos Santos has some mad boxing skills.

    Dos Santos has finished six of his eight opponents due to punches, but his most spectacular knockout may have come in his UFC debut.

    Fighting as a heavy underdog against top contender Fabricio Werdum, Dos Santos took control of the bout early on and quickly landed a crushing uppercut to the jaw of Werdum.

    Shortly after, Werdum was out cold on the mat and Dos Santos had taken the first step on his path to an eventual UFC title.

Minotauro Nogueira's Guard

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    Much like having Jon Fitch on top of you is a bad idea, going anywhere near Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira’s guard is asking for trouble.

    The world class BJJ black belt is on of the most effective fighters in the world once he hits his back, and he proved as much in his UFC title fight against Tim Sylvia.

    Minotauro was able trick Sylvia into leaving his neck exposed, and as soon as the opportunity presented itself, Nogueira pounced on a guillotine choke and finished the fight.

    Twenty of Nogueira’s 33 career wins have come by way of submission, and his incredible ability to fight off his back is what makes him one of the more dangerous fighters in the striker-filled heavyweight division.

Dennis Siver's Spinning Back Kick

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    It’s been quite a while since we’ve seen Dennis Siver end a fight with his patented spinning back kick to the liver, but his opponents are still always looking for him to throw it.

    The last time Siver finished a fight with his liver kick was back at UFC 105, when he crumpled Paul Kelly with it and followed up with some ground and pound to secure the victory.

    The finish gained him knockout of the night honors for just the second time in his UFC career.

    The first? Also a fight he won by spinning back kick.

Anderson Silva's Eight Limbs

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    They call Anderson Silva “The Spider” for a reason.

    Silva uses his fists, feet, elbows and knees better than anyone else in the sport, and we’ve seen him use all of them to destroy his opponents.

    Silva’s outclassed Forrest Griffin with his hands, nearly kicked Vitor Belfort’s teeth out and kneed Rich Franklin in the face a dozen times, easily dispatching all three of the former UFC champions.

    One of the reasons Anderson Silva is one of the most exciting fighters in the sport is his ability to knock anyone out in the blink of an eye, and his ability to do it with seemingly any part of his body is what makes him a champion.

Rousimar Palhares' Leg Locks

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    There are plenty of submission specialists in MMA, but none of them go for the kill quite like Rousimar Palhares.

    If at any point during the fight Palhares is able to grab one of his opponent's legs, they may as well start tapping, because if they don’t, surgery is likely in their future.

    With nearly half of his 14 career wins coming by leg lock, opponents obviously know what is awaiting them, but Palhares is so strong and technically sound with his jiu-jitsu that there is no stopping him.

Jose Aldo's Knees

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    The featherweight champion could very well be the next Anderson Silva, but for now, Jose Aldo is following in the footsteps of his middleweight counterpart and just knocking dudes out.

    In his WEC 41 bout against Cub Swanson, Aldo came out and threw a ridiculous double flying knee that left Swanson beaten and battered in just eight seconds.

    While that was his defining WEC moment, the greatest moment of his UFC career is highlighted by his bout with Chad Mendes last January.

    Mendes had control of Aldo’s back with just seconds left in the first round, but somehow the champion was able to quickly spin around and land a knee that caught his opponent flush in the face.

    Seconds later, Aldo was in the crowd celebrating with his home-country fans in Brazil.

Cody McKenzie's 'McKenzietine'

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    Unlike most of the fighters on this list who have had a ton of success at high levels in the sport, Cody McKenzie is known for one thing and one thing only: his guillotine choke.

    The Ultimate Fighter Season 12 cast member came into the show as an underdog, but he advanced all the way to the semifinals after securing two wins inside the house with his signature “McKenzietine” choke.

    After the show, McKenzie won in his UFC debut, earning his 10th straight win via his modified guillotine.

    McKenzie may not be one of the top fighters in the UFC’s lightweight division, but he has a chance against anyone in the world if he is able to lock his arms around their neck.

Ronda Rousey's Armbar

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    Women’s MMA hasn’t had a lot of stars, but Ronda Rousey has the potential to become one of the most popular MMA fighters in the world.

    Her ability to hype a fight has gotten her more attention than most of the women in the sport combined, but it is Rousey’s ability to manhandle everyone she fights that is making her a star.

    With a 5-0 record, Rousey has won all five of her fights by armbar and even more impressively, only one of those opponents made it out of the first minute of the fight.

    A judo specialist, Rousey is able to use her trip and takedowns to get the fight to the ground, and once it gets there, the fight is all but over.

Jon Jones' Elbows

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    For a guy who is so talented in all areas, it almost seems bizarre that Jon Jones would have a signature move.

    Jones has been using his elbows as a primary weapon better than anyone in the sport the last few years, and the unique ways he throws them makes them that much more intimidating.

    From his ridiculous spinning back elbow that smashed Stephan Bonnar, to his ground and pound that helped him run through Vladimir Matyushenko and Brandon Vera, Jones' elbows have caused a lot of damage.

    Jones’ most recent fight against Rashad Evans saw him add another weapon to his arsenal of elbow strikes, as he used a lunging straight elbow to attack Evans several times during the fight.