Fantasy WWE: NXT (5/1)

Will OwenCorrespondent IMay 3, 2012

Fantasy WWE: NXT (5/1)

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    Hey, Bleacher Report! This is a new show that the makers of Fantasy WWE have decided would be interesting for your readers to look at. Obviously, we are recreating NXT, but the new general manager, Raffaele Spano, is at a severe disadvantage. 

    Spano has to use a smaller group of superstars, as many of the top-flight stars are on Smackdown and Raw. Also, he is only using FCW/WWE talent rather than stemming out to TNA and RoH. The show may not have significant star power, but its feuds and well-written matches will more than make up for it.

    There is no need to rate the show, as it would not be fair to try and rate it with such a weak roster. But please do leave a comment with any comments and possible improvements.

    With that said, what's in store for NXT's premiere? Let's find out.

Promo: The New Commisioner Makes His Way to the Ring

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    “Get through This” by Art of Dying opens the show.

    Byron Saxton and William Regal welcome us all to the new NXT Proving Ground show and take us to the ring, where Road Dogg Jesse James stands with a microphone. The fans are hot for Road Dogg, and he takes a few moments to soak in the adulation from them.

    Road Dogg: “It’s me, it’s me, it’s that D-O-GG. I am your NXT Proving Ground General Manager. If you aint down with that, I got two words for ya!” *He motions to the crowd to finish off his sentence*

    Road Dogg: “Now let’s cut to the chase, you all are probably wondering, why the regeneration of NXT? Well, it’s very simple. We are giving the young talent and future of the WWE the chance to step into this here ring, which we’d like to call the Proving Ground, to prove to me, management and to all of you that they have what it takes to make it in this business."

    "So, we got a hot young roster that will get a chance over the coming weeks to prove that they belong in this ring and in this business. And to assist me on this journey will be Head Trainer Bill DeMott and a Legend on the Independent scene and WWE’s newest signee, BJ Whitmer!”

    "Get through this" plays again, and Bill DeMott will BJ Whitmer alongside him make their way to ring to a pretty decent reaction from the crowd. They slap hands with fans on the way and shake hands with Road Dogg when they get into the ring.

    Dustin Rhodes: “They are some very experienced wrestlers standing in the ring at the moment, Byron.”

    Byron Saxton: “I’ve heard a lot about BJ Whitmer Dustin, a very well-known veteran on the independent scene.”

    Road Dogg: “Ladies and gentlemen, Bill DeMott!”

    Road Dogg hands the microphone over to Bill. The fans appreciate Bill for a few moments before Bill starts speaking. He spends a few moments putting over BJ Whitmer and thanks the fans for coming out tonight to experience the historic rebirth of NXT.

    The microphone is now with BJ Whitmer.

    BJ Whitmer: “Some of you may know me, but others may not. Mr. McMahon has brought me into the company to help run the Proving Ground alongside Road Dogg and Bill because he believes I am the right man for the job. So I, alongside Bill and Road Dogg, will do my best to mould these young superstars into the future of the WWE. So without further ado we would like to –

    BJ Whitmer is cut off by rock music, and Leo Kruger stands at the entrance way with a microphone. He sarcastically claps at BJ before speaking.

    Leo Kruger: “Clap, Clap, Mr. Whitmer. I am among those who haven’t heard of you and I already do not like you. I may have the slightest respect for your two colleagues, but to me, you are nobody. If you think I am going to take orders from someone who realistically would have been a mid-carder at best if he had even made it to the WWE in his prime.”

    Road Dogg: “I’m the sheriff around here so you take orders from me!”

    The crowd erupts into cheers for Road Dogg.

    Road Dogg: “It is easy to come out here and run your mouth, but this is the Proving Ground, and tonight, you’re stepping into it one on one with BJ Whitmer.”

    Whitmer smiles as he turns his attention back to Kruger. Kruger drops the microphone and makes his way backstage while the three in the ring chat amongst themselves before cutting to commercial break. 

Match 1: Kenneth Cameron + Connor O'Brien vs. Mike Dalton + Trent Barreta

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    Byron Saxton: “Here we go with our first official NXT match. The team of The Ascension will be taking on the team of Mike Dalton and Trent Barreta”

    The lights go out and a slow ominous music plays as The Ascension makes their way to the ring.  The team of Mike Dalton and Trent Berretta make their way to the ring and slap hands with fans on the way. Kenneth Cameron and Trent Barreta will start the match and the bell rings.

    Cameron and Barreta trade arm drags to kick off the contest. They go to tie up again, but instead, Cameron catches Barreta with a few kicks to the midsection. He follows up with an Irish whip, and on the return, is met by a beautiful-looking dropkick by Barreta. Kenneth Cameron slides to the outside, and Barreta flies over the top rope with a flipping senton.

    Byron Saxton: “Beautiful move by Barreta there. Dustin, we need to take a break. Will the Ascension gain the upper hand or will the team of Trent Barreta and Mike Dalton continue to dominate? We’ll find out when we return!”

    Dalton’s chopping away at Cameron in the corner as Dustin Rhodes welcomes us back live. Dalton rushes to the opposing side of the ring and charges back at Cameron, only to be met by a hard big boot to the face. Kenneth Cameron drags Dalton over to the corner and tags in Connor O’Brien. O’Brien slingshots an elbow drop onto Dalton for the near fall.

    Dustin Rhodes: “That experience of teaming up with your partner before will certainly come into play the longer the match goes on, Byron. Study The Ascension; these two young gentlemen know exactly what they are doing!”

    Connor grabs Dalton in a headlock, raising him off of the canvas. Dalton struggles trying to fight it off, but Connor flips him over with a nice hip toss. Dalton again fights his way up and manages to fight Connor off of him and Irish whip Connor, who follows up with a nice return DDT. Barreta is trying to get his teammate back into the match and the fans behind them.

    Connor grabs Dalton in DDT-style position to drag him over to the corner and tags in Kenneth Cameron. The Ascension hit a double-team suplex, and Kenneth Cameron follows up with the pin. 1…2 – Dalton gets his shoulder up.

    Cameron turns Dalton into a Camel Clutch and locks it in tight. Dalton struggles and loosens Cameron’s grip. He manages to get an arm out behind Cameron’s leg and twist himself out. Dalton is now facing up to Cameron and Cameron jumps up and hits a foot stomp on Dalton. He gets the cover on Dalton 1…2 – Barreta is in to break up the count. 

    Cameron helps Dalton up and Irish-whips him into the turnbuckle. He goes to follow up, but is met with a big boot to the face. Dalton charges out of the corner with a clothesline, dropping Cameron. Dalton crawls over to Barreta and gets the tag just as Cameron tags in Connor O’Brien. Barreta comes in a bit quicker and hits a running leg lariat on O’Brien. O’Brien bounces back up, only to eat another leg lariat from Barreta.

    Barreta, on fire, motions to the crowd and Kenneth Cameron slides in behind him. The illegal man Cameeron hits Barreta quickly with a belly-to-back suplex and holds onto the grip and hits another belly-to-back suplex.

    O’Brien covers 1…2 – Dalton regained enough energy to make the save. Cameron slides back in again, this time behind Dalton, and hits a running knee to the back, knocking Dalton out of the ring. Cameron follows Dalton to the outside and continues an attack. 

    Inside the ring, both men are up. Barreta is whipped into the ropes by O’Brien and counters the return with a tornado DDT. Barreta covers O’Brien 1…2 – O’Brien kicks out. Barreta climbs to the top, and Cameron, who is now up on the apron, grabs his leg. This allows O’Brien to attack Barreta and climb up top also.

    Dustin Rhodes: “Back to what I said before Byron, The Ascension's teamwork is allowing very minimal offense by Mike Dalton and Trent Barreta. They are really coming across as a big-time tag team in this match.”

    Barreta and O’Brien are on the top turnbuckle, and Barreta manages to get the upper hand despite the interjection from Cameron moments before. Barreta knocks O’Brien down a buckle and leaps over connecting with a beautiful sunset flip power bomb. Barreta holds on for the pin 1…2 – Cameron comes in with a hard kick to the head that breaks up the attempt. Dalton in now clotheslines Cameron over the top rope taking himself with Cameron.

    Both O’Brien and Barreta are back up to their feet, and O’Brien hits Barreta with a hard shin kick, dropping Barreta again to one leg. O’Brien followed up with a hard kick to the head, knocking out Barreta. Connor O’Brien pins Barreta 1…2…3 (7:16)

    Dustin Rhodes: “Very solid win by The Ascenion, and coming after the break, two of NXT’s young stars will go head-to-head. Don’t miss it!”

Match 2: Johnny Curtis vs. Derrick Bateman

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    Dustin Rhodes welcomes us back live, and Johnny Curtis is already in the ring waiting for Derrick Bateman. Bateman gets a decent reaction from the crowd on his way to the ring. Both men are inside now, and the bell rings.

    They slap hands together in a show of respect and start circling the ring. They tie up, and Curtis rushes Bateman into the corner, only causing a stalemate. Both men to the centre of the ring tie up again, and it’s Curtis who gains the advantage with a headlock. Bateman pushes Curtis off into the ropes, and it’s Johnny Curtis who hits a return shoulder block. Curtis quickly drops for the cover and gets a near fall.

    Dustin Rhodes: “Byron, this thing is only just warming up. These two men know each other so well, it is sure to be a good one.”

    Curtis brings Bateman to his feet with a well-cinched headlock. Bateman trying all way to get Curtis off of him, but cannot do it by pushing, so he reaches around Curtis’ back and lifts him dropping him with a belly-to-back suplex.

    Bateman, now with the advantage, has hold of Curtis in a front-face lock. Bateman snaps a suplex and covers for a near fall. Curtis rolls over quickly and tries to get to his feet, but is cut off by knees to the midsection from Bateman. Bateman pulls Curtis to his feet, but rushes him with a shoulder into the corner. In the corner now, Bateman uses his shoulders to drive the wind out of Johnny Curtis.

    Byron Saxton: “This is smart, Dustin; take the wind out of your opponent and wear him down. It is a very good game plan by Derrick Bateman.”

    Dustin Rhodes: “You are right there, Byron. Bateman is assuring that after that quick start by Curtis, he is not going to let him gain back the advantage in this matchup; very smart by Derrick Bateman!”

    Bateman Irish whips Curtis hard into the opposing turnbuckle and follows up with a running spear into the corner. Curtis drops down, and Bateman covers 1…2 – Curtis kicks out. Bateman raises Curtis to his feet and Irish whips him again into a corner. Bateman runs at Curtis, and Curtis hits an elbow that rocks Bateman. Curtis follows up with a spinning clothesline. Curtis covers Bateman 1…2 – Bateman kicks out.

    Curtis is sluggish to his feet, and Bateman follows Curtis up. Another clothesline attempt by Curtis is ducked by Bateman and followed up with a neck-breaker. Pin attempt by Bateman 1…2 – Curtis kicks out. Bateman lifts Curtis up by his head and goes for a suplex attempt that is reversed by Curtis.

    Curtis grabs a hold of Bateman's hair on the way down and locks him into a reverse DDT position. Curtis elevates Bateman and turns the move into a cutter. The fans applaud the brilliant move from Curtis, and Curtis covers Bateman 1…2 – Bateman get his shoulder off of the mat just in time.

    Dustin Rhodes: “Wow! That was a brilliant move by Johnny Curtis and very well done to Derrick Bateman for kicking out of that."

    Byron Saxton: “Yeah, Bateman showing his toughness by kicking out of the move. It was very innovative on Johnny Curtis’ part!”

    Curtis crawls over to the corner to catch his breath, and Bateman uses the ropes to pull himself up. Bateman gingerly walks over to Curtis, and Curtis elbows Bateman hard in midsection. Curtis grabs hold of Bateman’s arm and hits an Overdrive! Curtis covers Bateman, 1…2 – Bateman barely kicks out. Curtis looks exhausted as he questions the official.

    Byron Saxton: “The look on Curtis’ face tells the story! What a competitive match we are seeing here on the first show of NXT Proving Ground!"

    Johnny Curtis sluggishly climbs to the top turnbuckle. Curtis’ took too much time, and Bateman pulls his leg dropping Curtis on the top turnbuckle. Bateman hooks Curtis up and hits a superplex from the top. The fans loved it!

    When Bateman comes to, he covers Curtis, 1…2 – Curtis gets his shoulder off of the mat at the last moment. The fans applaud, as they want to see the match continue.

    Derrick Bateman is first to his feet only to receive a hard chop from Curtis, who is trying to create some distance. Curtis charges at Bateman, and Bateman returns a hard chop of his own. Bateman quickly follows up with a running dropkick send Curtis across the ring hard into the turnbuckle. Curtis hits the turnbuckle so hard that he rebounds back into the centre of the ring and Bateman kicks Curtis in the midsection. Bateman off of the ropes hits a Corkscrew Neck breaker; Bateman covers 1…2…3! (10:13)

    Dustin Rhodes: “Fantastic matchup between these two young NXT superstars! This is what the new NXT is all about, Byron—fresh, young WWE Superstars looking to prove themselves in the middle of that ring!”

    Byron Saxton: “I totally agree with you, Dustin! Exciting match here on NXT, and there is still more to come. Don’t go anywhere, folks; the debut of the monstrous Big E Langston is next!”

    Bateman celebrates his victory as we cut to commercial break.

Match 3: Big E Langston vs. Local Wrestler

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    Announced in the ring as we return from the break is the local wrestler, and now, the powerful Big E Langston makes his slow entrance to the ring.

    Dustin Rhodes: “We have heard a lot about Big E, Byron, and this is sure to be exciting.”

    Byron Saxton: “I agree with you there, Dustin; let’s just say I feel sorry for this young man in the ring.”

    Langston coldly stares a hole into the local wrestler. The bell rings, and Langston charges at him with a hard clothesline into the turnbuckle. Langston drives his big shoulders into the stomach of the local and rushes a huge hip attack, squashing the wrestler in the corner. He picks up the local in a power slam and drives him down hard into the canvas. Langston off the ropes dives onto the local with a senton. Langston pins the local 1…2…3! (1:03)

    Dustin Rhodes: “Look at that, Byron; Langston showing off his dominance in the middle of that ring.”

    Big E Langston scares off the referee when he tries to raise his hand. Langston turns his attention to the local. He lifts him up only to hit the Big End,

    Byron Saxton: “Oh come on, the match is over!”

    Dustin Rhodes: “Byro,n if you know what’s good for you, you’d shut your mouth in case he hears you!”

    Big E Langston paces the ring for a few moments before cutting to commercial break. 

Promo: Tonight Is the Debut of the Mighty Don't Kneel!

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    When we return, the camera is on ringside commentators Byron Saxton and Dustin Rhodes.

    Byron Saxton: “We are back live, and this just announced: Next week will be the debut of Australian Tag Team The Mighty Don’t Kneel, Shane Haste and Mikey Nicholls.

    Dustin Rhodes: “I’ve seen these guys wrestle together in Japan, and believe me, this is sure to be exciting!”

    Byron Saxton: “Right on, Dustin; I believe we now have Damien Sandow in the backstage!”

Promo: Damien Sandow Interview

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    Damien Sandow is backstage with a new interviewer decked out in a suit.

    Interviewer: “Next week, we will see the debut of Damien Sandow, and at this time, I am joined by the man himself. So Damien –

    Damien Sandow: “That is Mr. Sandow to you. Yes, you are correct; next week is my debut match, and I have to say, judging by tonight’s festivities, I cannot wait to add some much-needed class to the show.”

    Interviewer: “Mr. Sandow, judging from what you have seen tonight, what do you think separates you from the competition here on NXT: Proving Ground?”

    Damien Sandow: “Did I not just say that? Class my friend. Look at me.” *the camera shoots out to catch the whole image of Sandow in a classy suit. “I take pride in my image, my ability and my sheer determination to be the best.”

    Interviewer: “Well, Mr. Sandow – *Sandow snatches the microphone from the interviewer.

    Damien Sandow: “I can take it from here, kid. Here’s a piece of advice. Find another job.” *Damien Sandow now turns his attention to the camera.

    “We don’t know our limit until we reach it, but for me, I am limitless. Nobody can touch me, and you will find that out next week! Sandow is out.”

    Byron Saxton VO: “The debut of Mr. Damien Sandow is next week, and you do not want to miss that, but coming up next is your Proving Ground main event. Ladies and Gentlemen, do not go anywhere; this is sure to be great!”  

Main Event: BJ Whitmer vs. Leo Kruger in a Proving Ground Match

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    NXT Proving Ground Night One

    Mainevent BJ Whitmer vs Leo Kruger: Proving Ground Match

    BJ Whitmer makes his way to the ring to a decent reception. The veteran looks primed and ready for his first official WWE match. Leo Kruger is met with a chorus of boos as he makes his way to the ring. Both men stare down at each other from opposing sides of the ring.

    Ring Announcer: The following contest is your Proving Ground Main Event match of the evening. Now, the rules of the Proving Ground are as follows: there will be no count out, no disqualifications and the pinfall or submission must take place in the ring.

    “And now, in the corner to my left, weighing in at 230 lbs. from Owensboro, Kentucky…BJ Whitmer!”

    BJ Whitmer motions to the crowd a little and gets a decent response from them. He signals to Kruger if he can hear the response from the crowd. Kruger looks disinterested and continues to stare straight at Whitmer.

    “And now, in the corner to my right, weighing at 219 Ibs. from Johannesburg, South Africa…Leo Kruger!”

    Kruger doesn’t motion anything, pure intensity in his eyes as he stares directly at his opponent. The bell rings, and both men rush out from their corners. They tie up, and BJ slips under Kruger’s arm and takes him down. He slaps Leo upside the head a few times before letting him back up. Leo is looking frustrated, but manages to keep his cool.

    They go to tie up again, but this time, Leo connects with a front kick to BJ’s stomach and a few chops that backs BJ up into the corner. Leo goes for another chop, but BJ ducks under and holds Leo against the turnbuckle. The ref separates them, but Leo slaps BJ across the face.

    Both men are jawing each other as they come face-to-face. BJ steps back and hits a hard chop of his own. BJ motions to his own chest and tells Kruger to lay one in on him. Kruger happily obliges and connects firmly also.

    Dustin Rhodes: “Leo Kruger is a very promising young wrestler, but BJ Whitmer is no slouch when it comes to wrestling. There is a reason that Vince McMahon hired BJ to run the proving ground, and we will witness that here tonight.”

    BJ kind of shrugs it off and hit’s a very hard front kick to the chest of Kruger. Kruger feels the sting, but soon enough outwits BJ by hitting him with a kick to the knee, dropping BJ. Leo has a firm hold of BJ’s leg and lays a few more boots into the knee. Kruger now drags BJ over to the turn buckle and slides under the bottom. Leo has a firm hold on the leg as he swings it hard into the ring post.

    Byron Saxton: “You can see the pain is excruciating on the face of BJ Whitmer. Kruger really has Whitmer where he wants him, and this could be very dangerous for Whitmer."

    Whitmer tries hard to move away from Leo, but Leo hurriedly makes his way back into the ring. There’s a quick pinfall by Kruger, but only gets a near fall. Kruger brings BJ back to his feet, only to shoulder rush BJ into the corner. Clubbing right hand drops BJ and allows Leo to stomp BJ in the corner. He uses his foot to choke BJ in the corner, and the referee can only stand there and watch. He breaks and turns to face the crowd, who show Leo no love whatsoever.

    Byron Saxton: “Ladies and gentlemen, we will be taking our final commercial break. Can BJ fight his way back into the match? We’ll find out when we return!”

    Byron Saxton: “We are back from our final break, and the assault on BJ continues by Leo Kruger now on the outside. Here’s what you missed during the break.”

    Replay: Kruger lets BJ out of the corner and rushes a clothesline to the outside. He then follows up by throwing BJ into the ringside barricade.

    BJ lands a few midsection shots on his way back to his feet and a hard right hand that knocks Leo back a distance. BJ tries to make a quick move toward Leo, but Leo snaps a hard AA Spine Buster on the outside, driving the wind out of BJ. Leo takes a moment to catch his breath before stomping away at BJ. He sits BJ on the ring steps, and the crowd is very quiet as the assault continues.

    Kruger steps away to the other side of the ring and charges at BJ, who waits till the last moment and explodes with a thunderous clothesline. The crowd is now alive as BJ tries muster up some more energy.

    Dustin Rhodes: “It looks as if BJ was playing possum after Kruger took too long to capitalize on that Spine Buster. There’s that years of experience coming into play now.”

Main Event: BJ Whitmer vs. Leo Kruger Continued

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    BJ tries to get some movement in his leg going so he can continue his offence. BJ rushes Kruger into the steel steps and quickly throws him back into the ring. Pinfall by BJ and gets the two. BJ slaps the canvas to get the fans behind him, and they are right there with him.

    BJ elevates himself on the second rope in the corner, and Leo turns to his hands and knees. BJ dives off the second rope with senton, flattening Kruger and flips him over for the cover. 1...2 – Leo gets the shoulder up at two. Leo rolls outside in the direction of the entrance way. BJ doesn’t follow him, but instead bounces around on his feet and charges over the top rope with a flipping senton. THE CROWD IS HOT.

    Both men catch their breath and make it up to their feet. They trade strikes as they make their way up the entrance way. BJ connects with some stiff kicks to the chest, and Leo follows up with some hard chops. Now, BJ hits some forearm smashes to Kruger’s back, dropping Kruger to both knees. He goes in again, but Kruger grabs hold of the tights and pulls BJ into the entrance way screen. The crowd let out a huge OH!

    As the sound was sickening, BJ seems out of it, and Kruger hoists him up on his shoulders to carry BJ back to the ring. He covers BJ 1…2 – BJ barely gets his shoulder up.

    Kruger is frustrated now with the referee, but turns his attention to a very sluggish BJ Whitmer. Whitmer is trying to use the ropes to get up, and Kruger grabs a hold into a sleeper hold position. But BJ won’t let go of the ropes, so Leo throws BJ over the top rope and lands on the apron. He follows BJ out but BJ kicks the rope, and it catches Leo downstairs. BJ capitalizes and DDT’s Kruger onto the ring apron!

    Byron Saxton: “Oh my, Dustin! BJ just dropped Leo hard on the ring apron, the hardest part of the wrestling ring!”

    Dustin Rhodes: “I hope to God Kruger is alright, young Saxton. That was very dangerous yet calculating by the ring veteran, BJ Whitmer. This has been a brutal war that I wouldn’t have expected.”

    BJ on the apron catches his breath, and Kruger is yet to get up. BJ drops to the floor and slowly picks up Kruger. He throws him back into the ring and makes his way to the top turnbuckle. Frogsplash by BJ! 1…2 – Kruger barely moves his shoulder off of the mat.

    BJ looks as if he doesn’t know what to do to beat Kruger. BJ moves over the ref to double check whether or not Kruger kicked out. Kruger gingerly makes way over and rolls up BJ. 1…2 – BJ rolls out of the cover.

    On his way up, he is met by a hard kick to the head by Kruger. He covers again 1…2 – BJ kicks out at the very last second. Kruger now positions BJ and goes to the top turnbuckle, but is slow to get up there due to the pain in his shoulder.

    BJ shoots up and climbs up in front of Kruger on the turnbuckle. BJ hits Kruger with a forearm smash, and Kruger returns with a head butt, rocking BJ, and Kruger pushes BJ from the second turnbuckle to the outside. The fans are in awe at what they are witnessing.

    Kruger slowly makes his way down to the outside. He is unable to move his arm properly due to that apron DDT by BJ. Kruger kicks the ring steps to separate them and sets one up in between the ring and barricade. BJ is slowly moving to try and get away from Kruger. Kruger walks over the ring announcer and pushes him out of the way to get to the steel chair.

    BJ is crawling away, but Kruger manages to muster up enough strength in his arm to hit BJ with a sickening chair shot to back. He drops the chair and drags BJ over to the steel steps. He holds BJ’s leg on the steel steps and swings it hard into the steps. BJ screams in pain as Kruger does it again.

    Back in the ring now, Kruger positions BJ in the middle of the ring and locks in a sharpshooter. BJ is trying to maneuver his way out of the hold, but can’t. His hand rose as if he is going to tap out, but he tries to hold out. The pain in Kruger’s shoulder is bothering Kruger, as the strength of the hold is loosening, and Kruger needs to let go.

    Kruger, now with his back to BJ, holds his shoulder and tries to gets some feeling in his arm. Both men face each other on their knees and trade forearms. They use each other to get up and continue to trade blows whilst up. The dueling boos and yeahs chant begins as they trade blows. BJ catches Kruger out and hits an Exploder Suplex into the ropes folding up Kruger. He gets the pin 1…2…3! (14:22)

    Ring Announcer: The winner of the Proving Ground match, BJ Whitmer!

    Byron Saxton: “Man oh man Dustin, what a match on this historic night. These two were in an absolute war!”

    Dustin: “There are no other words to describe this match other than a War. It was brutal, Veteran versus Young Gun, and on this night, the Veteran walks out the victor”

    The Referee raises BJ’s arm as BJ tries to catch his breath. The referee now checks on Kruger, who seems out of it. BJ walks around the ring a bit before asking for a microphone. Kruger, holding his shoulder, is slowly making his way up.

    BJ Whitmer: “Now, that is what the Proving Ground is about. This is why Mr. McMahon asked me to run the Proving Ground: to develop talent like this. Leo, you showed me pure heart and a strong will to win. Leo Kruger, I want you to stand up and leave this ring with your head held high. Because tonight, you proved that you belong to be here."

    BJ extends his hand to Leo. Leo looked at BJ for a few moments before accepting the handshake. Leo goes to step away and boots BJ Whitmer downstairs dropping him. He spits on BJ before leaving the ring. Kruger walks up the entrance holding his shoulder and turns back with a sick look on his face to close the show. 


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    And that's a wrap!

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