Pro-Wrestling: An Aging Ric Flair, Vintage or out of Touch?

Luis CamposAnalyst IMay 3, 2012


I recently wrote an article about the Rock turning 40 and the top superstars on the WWE over that age. In that article, I failed to include one of the greatest still active (although mostly part-time) wrestlers of all-time—Ric Flair.

The reason for my omission was simple: Flair is not part of the WWE roster. 

Yes, the quality of his matches has worsened within the last 15 years, but the fact that the Nature Boy is still performing is impressive. What is more impressive is that while the Rock just turned 40, Ric Flair has been wrestling for almost the same amount of time (his debut was Dec. 10, 1972—seven months after the Rock was born).

As a 22-year-old, 40 years appears an impossibly large amount of time. Heck, not only is that almost twice the amount of time I have been alive, but when thinking about the social events that have happened in the last 40 years, it is almost an eternity!

In the span that Flair was been wrestling, music has gone from being stored on vinyl LP records to cassette tapes, eight-track tapes, compact discs and mp3 players—begging the question, how old is Ric Flair?

According to this web forum,

Ric Flair is so old the candles cost more than the birthday cake, Ric Flair is so old that he once wrestled a dark match for the original showing of Romeo and Juliet, Ric Flair is so old his birth certificate is in Roman numerals, Ric Flair is so old that he wrestled Jesus at the first PPV and it was called "Resurection," Ric Flair is so old, when a fan told him to act his age and he died, Ric Flair is so old, Jurassic Park brought back memories, Ric Flair is so old his birth certificate says "expired," Ric Flair is so old he knew Burger King when he was a prince!

All jokes aside, at 63 years old Ric Flair is nearing the top 20 spot of the oldest wrestlers to ever compete. But while his age continues to increase, the quality of his matches has dramatically decreased in the past decade. Could the once great Nature Boy be past his prime? Or are his best years still to come?

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