NY Rangers: How Game 3's 3OTs Led Me to Contemplate the Meaning of a True Fan

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NY Rangers: How Game 3's 3OTs Led Me to Contemplate the Meaning of a True Fan

Why do we do it? 

Why do we devote countless hours of our time and inches of our fingernails to supporting our team, an assemblage of athletes who aren’t even aware of our existence? 

Why do we so passionately dedicate ourselves to a single team? We pledge our allegiance to our squad and instill every ounce of fervor and support into our crew. 

Why do we spend hundreds of our hard-earned dollars to merely spectate a sport, to observe from a distance the same game that we could watch from the comfort of our living room? 

Why do we allow the results of a game, the simple outcome of an event, to determine our entire attitude for hours, days, weeks, seasons? One missed opportunity, a careless turnover, a heartbreaking defeat and we instantly become as petulant as a toddler who doesn’t get his way. 

Why do we adorn our clothing, our bodies, our houses, our children and our cars with our team’s apparel and memorabilia? We’ll go out of our way to hold the door for a fellow supporter but ensure that the truck with the rival’s bumper sticker can’t merge into our lane. 

Why do we wait in line for hours and cough up obscene amounts of money to simply shake our favorite player’s hand and ask for his signature?

Why are we so loyal to sports? It is because sports have always been loyal to us. 

As ordinary people with routine lifestyles, we look to sports to provide that oasis. To us fans, our teams serve as an escape from the monotony of our every day lives. 

We all struggle with our own personal concerns: tumultuous relationships, pressure from work, health issues, apprehension about our future, etc. 

But sports stay true. For many of us, sports are the one constant in our lives that we know we can rely on in times of uncertainty. 

Sports have the ability to unite a fanbase into a single harmonious unit, bringing overwhelming jubilation to entire cities. It has the ability to make two complete strangers hug  like long-lost friends, while simultaneously bringing grown men to tears. 

It’s because the actual game is truly transcended by the haven that sports provide for us. Yes, all games and seasons eventually come to an end, but for at least a few hours, we as fans can find solace through our team. 

For many of us, we escape to sports. Night in and night out we can depend on our favorite teams to be there to build us our temporary sanctuary.


Sports have always been loyal to me, who am I to not be loyal back?

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