WWE: Why It Is Time for the Company to Rid Themselves of the Brand Extension

Travis Smith@TravisLeeSmith2Analyst IIMay 3, 2012

The WWE has just come off of of its biggest Extreme Rules event since its inception in 2007 (when it wasn't for just ECW alumni). Now, with all of the recent success the company has experienced since January, there is one big problem that the WWE needs to fix or, in my opinion, rid of. The idea that I am speaking about is the brand extension.

Back in 2002, when WWE broke into two "brands," the idea was to replace that feel of having two quality wrestling shows with a different cast of characters on each show like we saw with the Monday night wars between WCW and WWE. Now, for awhile, this idea was a success due to the fact that it was treated as having two separate shows and even allowing the brands to have their own independent pay-per-view event from 2003 to 2007.

The separate brands allowed the WWE to focus on creating new stars that would lead the company into the new generation past the dubbed "Attitude Era." Now, this moved worked, as we saw guys like Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton, John Cena and Batista become the true stars of the company over that time span. But in 2007, everything changed and led the WWE down a bumpy road.

The WWE stopped having the independent brand events like Raw's Bad Blood or Smackdown's Vengeance. Instead we saw the company try to usher in both shows to co-exist on one pay-per-view event a month. This even got to the point of today where we see almost every pay-per-view event become a "gimmick" theme. When WWE went with that idea, they killed a lot of opportunities for younger guys to make a name for themselves and created this feeling of "dullness" around the weekly shows.

The changes kept coming. We saw the new era of Raw be ushered in last fall, as we were told that they would now hold "supershows" that allowed both Raw and Smackdown superstars to compete on Raw and to go after whatever title they desired. This moved almost killed the ratings of the show after a very strong summer with CM Punk's rise to superstardom.

Now we see guys compete for any title almost every week like nothing. For example, we have Daniel Bryan, who just got out of a massive feud with Royal Rumble winner Sheamus. Bryan and Sheamus battled for two months over the world heavyweight title. Then, after the feud ended, Daniel Bryan is given an opportunity to compete for the WWE title against CM Punk. Now, this shows that neither title is any more important then the other, but it also diminishes the credibility of them as well.

So, with everything said, I believe that this is the summer in which the WWE should, I mean HAS, to get rid of the brand extension once and for all. Look, the WWE isn't doing us fans any favors by having the separate brands. It is time to just combine the roster again and have two weekly shows in which we can see main event feuds be focused more on and developed with a greater quality then ever before.

Now, I know some wrestling fans will argue that having two brands still works, but it doesn't. The WWE does indeed have competition in the ratings world, and TNA has improved greatly since last year. The idea of having to crush TNA in the ratings should drive the WWE to become a better company and get on the same level as the UFC since they seem to now be the ratings king of sports entertainment.

Could we see a title design change like this classic design from 2002 to 2005?
Could we see a title design change like this classic design from 2002 to 2005?

There should not be two world champions in the same company, so why not allow both Sheamus and CM Punk to remain champions until SummerSlam and allow those two to compete for the undisputed WWE championship? This move would allow one superstar to receive a massive push, bring back some prestige to the WWE title, allow the company to change the design of the title and it would bring much-needed hype to the third-biggest event of the entire WWE calendar.

Fans I believe would embrace the move, as they would get to see their favorite superstars twice a week while allowing the Superstars show on WGN to focus more on the younger talent on the roster who aren't quite ready to make that big splash on the WWE main-stay shows.

So I have stated why I believe that the WWE needs to rid themselves of this idea of having two brands in one company. While I can state my case all day long, it doesn't matter because the opinion of all of the wrestling fans does indeed matter. If the WWE is listening, please listen to your fans and finally get rid of having the ratings killing idea known as the brand extension.


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