White Tiger to Black Dragon: Why 2012 Looks to Be a Promising Year for TNA

Charlie GSenior Writer IMay 3, 2012

Chinese Zodiac is an ancient technique that relates each year to an animal and its traits based on a 12-year cycle.

By the end of 2009, the Year of the Brown Earth Cow would come to a close. The Brown Earth Cow was a symbol of a strong earth year. The foundation would be steady and it'd take something big to move it.

The Brown Earth Cow is a pretty fair way of explaining TNA Wrestling in 2009. TNA stood on solid ground and many seemed to think it had a good chance of competing with the worldwide phenomenon known as WWE.

One event would occur on January 4, 2010 that would shake TNA's foundation straight to its core. Exactly one month before the Year of the Brown Earth Cow would end, Hulk Hogan arrived in TNA.

The Hogan regime would begin on January 4, 2010. A notorious day for TNA fans, and wrestling fans in general. The living legend, Hulk Hogan would do the unthinkable and jump ship over to WWE's biggest rival, Total Nonstop Action.

Ironically, the Year of the White Tiger would begin exactly one month after Hogan's arrival.

The White Tiger is viewed as a jinx of sorts in Chinese history. The tiger is a symbol of power and authority, it also has the potential to become ferocious and cruel. 

Within Hogan and Bischoff's first few months of arriving at TNA, they were granted managerial power. They became key authority figures within the TNA, much like the tiger symbol. 

As seen on 10/10/10, the day in which "They" were revealed, we've seen the ferocious and cruel part of the Tiger show itself. Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff would steal TNA from its rightful owner and president, Dixie Carter.

The tiger's cruel side showed its claws in the form of Hogan's Immortal. 

As Jeff Hardy and Mr. Anderson played some World Heavyweight Championship hot potato, a new Chinese New Year would emerge on February 3, 2011 (The same night Anderson retained over Hardy on an episode of IMPACT, by the way).

2011 would serve as Year of the Metal Rabbit.

Since the tiger and rabbit were basically in similar classes at the time, many people would expect the same luck as they did in 2010.

2010 is infamously known as one of, if not the worst year in TNA history. 2011 started off as a bad year with multiple World title changes and an unforgettable, unforgivable event at the Victory Road pay-per-view.

The rabbit is also a symbol of relationships, romantic relationships or fighting relationships.

As some relationships grew and some shrunk, 2011 started to turn around mid-summer for the newly named IMPACT Wrestling.

Immortal had broken away from Jeff Hardy due to legal troubles and reinvested their stock in a reinvented wrestler, Bully Ray. Immortal would also part ways with several others, including Rob Terry, Murphy and even Matt Hardy.

TNA would open their arms and have an X Division Invitational and allow plenty of unsigned talent a chance to earn a contract with a major wrestling promotion.

Hulk Hogan would have several relationship issues going on throughout the year, including rivalries with Fortune and Dixie Carter, but mostly "The Insane Icon" Sting.

Hogan's relationship with Dixie Carter and Sting would change after a big loss at TNA's biggest show, Bound For Glory, the same night where Eric Bischoff's relationship would worsen with his son, then-referee Jackson James.

One of the biggest relationship changes came courtesy of one beer bottle—Bobby Roode cheating his tag team partner, James Storm, out of the World Championship in Macon, Ga. 

Bobby Roode would carry the coveted World Heavyweight Championship into the new year. The Year of the Black Dragon.

The dragon is widely considered unpredictable. IMPACT Wrestling can relate. Their weekly television shows and monthly pay-per-view events have had a great deal of unpredictability. The latest example would have to be James Storm's devastating loss at Lockdown.

It's said that you either have good luck in the Year of the Dragon or just bad luck. No in between.

It's also said that you have a chance to turn that luck for better or worse. It appears as if TNA's recent ideas, Open Fight Night and Gut Check, are turning their luck for the better.

IMPACT Wrestling has been on fire production-wise. Their luck seems to have really turned in their favor since the dreadful 2010 to early 2011 year.