Sarah Phillips: Former ESPN Writer Is Wise to Lay Low

Eric BowmanFeatured ColumnistMay 3, 2012

Photo Credit: Sarah Phillips' Twitter Page
Photo Credit: Sarah Phillips' Twitter Page

New reports on Sarah Phillips might soon emerge in the coming days or weeks, but for now the woman whose story took the web by storm earlier this week is playing it smart by keeping quiet. 

If you're unfamiliar with who Sarah Phillips is, the fine folks at Deadspin did a terrific investigative report, revealing that the now-former ESPN columnist was very untrustworthy to her employers and that she was possibly scamming people out of money via the Internet.

She was a no-name a year ago, but after writing for, a gambling site, she was hired to write for ESPN's Page 2, now titled ESPN's Playbook. Her Twitter followers sky-rocketed, but behind the scenes, she wasn't who she said she was. 

It's all incredibly confusing, to be honest, and most of the world would like to hear what she has to say. 

Once the story broke and ESPN parted ways with Phillips, she had a series of tweets explaining herself (via Deadspin), but nobody has heard from her since. Well, that we know of that is. 

Phillips hasn't tweeted since the truth came out, and that is a very wise decision on her part. People were bashing her left and right, claiming she wasn't real and all sorts of crazy stuff. 

She is in fact a real person, but whether or not she was the one writing for Covers and ESPN remains to be seen. 

Choosing to tweet her side of the story was a good move, as it allowed her to get the truth out there. Or rather, what we're supposed to believe is the truth. 

As far as we know, Phillips isn't doing any TV interviews to set the record straight, and that's a good call. Sure, everybody wants to know what the heck the deal is, but she doesn't really have to divulge anything. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm enthralled with this story and hope that Phillips does open up more about the ordeal, but with everything happening so fast, I can't blame her one bit for laying low at the moment. 

Obviously this 22-year-old is extremely embarrassed about what happened. After all, you probably would be, too, if you were in her shoes. Nobody wants to be put on full blast via Twitter. 

Say what you will about Phillips, but she's correctly using her head right now and keeping quiet. She's attempting to let this sort of blow over and hopefully disappear. 

Eventually Phillips will have to address it, especially if new reports come out soon. For right now, though, having a low profile is her best bet. 


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