ECW's Inactive Superstars: Sandman, Kevin Thorn, Ariel

Paul BentleyContributor IJanuary 29, 2009

I think it’s a big shame that certain superstars are no longer on the WWE rosters; like The Sandman.


I miss seeing him perform in the ring, he is one of the ECW original’s, with his hardcore wrestling style, beer can drinking and head smashing, Singapore cane swinging; he had been involved in quite a lot of Extreme rules matches in the ring.


He also has a great entrance music, when he was about to make his entrance, you never knew where or which direction he would appear from, sometimes he would emerge in the stands at the back so all the fans can see him up close.


One more superstar I seem to really miss is Kevin Thorn, became a new superstar to the ECW roster, involving the Vampire-like character.


I think that was awesome, I wonder does anyone out there know what happened to Ariel, if anyone could tell I would be grateful.


I loved his entrance video and entrance music, I remember when he first debuted on ECW, Joey Styles invited him in to the arena, well everyone should know that you never invite a Vampire in because that allows them to enter and use their powers.


This allowed Kevin Thorn to run riot and start dominating the ECW roster quickly making a name for himself, its a big shame he is no longer on WWE roster.


I wonder is their anyone who knows where he is now, like for example which brand is he with now.