WWE: Will There Be a Love Triangle Between CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and A.J. Lee?

Cardiff WandererCorrespondent IIMay 3, 2012

Most WWE fans are salivating over the proposed feud between CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. Considered to be the two best technical wrestlers on the current WWE roster, these men have the opportunity to prove this over the coming months.

However, no one knows what these two superstars will be fighting over.

The obvious answer is the WWE title, yet this is rarely the case. Just look at the CM Punk and Chris Jericho feud where they first fought over the title of "Best in the World," and then the feud turned into a personal situation involving Punk's family.

It could be argued that the "Best in the World" title was signified by the WWE title belt, and the reason to bring up Punk's family was to get a psychological edge over the champion. However, this still meant an additional reason was applied to the situation on top of the two wrestlers' desire to be the champion. Therefore, there is likely to be another reason for Bryan and Punk to fight as time goes on.

One of the big possibilities is Daniel Bryan's love-sick ex-girlfriend A.J. Lee.

A.J. was instrumental in turning Bryan from a beloved underdog babyface into the self-congratulating, overbearing heel. Her performance as the innocent girlfriend being manipulated by the world-weary Bryan motivated casual fans to hate the indy legend. A.J.'s role in taking Daniel Bryan from a hardcore fan's favourite to one of the WWE's top heels cannot be understated.

Bryan and A.J. may have split after WrestleMania, but it's clear that the two superstars have unfinished business. AJ.. has been seen in the background of several vignettes featuring Bryan, while Bryan's match on Raw with Kofi Kingston happened because the African star had been flirting with A.J.

The one man who might turn A.J.'s head is CM Punk. The champion shares many of the same beliefs as Bryan and both men have a similar background. It is not uncommon for men or women to have a "type" and this could be played up to here. Especially as Bryan and Punk could simply be coined as "alternative."

Some of the most famous feuds in wrestling history have been over women. These classic tales span months rather than weeks as the importance of wins and losses become secondary to who is winning the romantic battle. Escaping such a situation with both the woman and the title makes things twice as difficult. 

There would be several advantages of running a feud like this now.

The first one is who it involves. CM Punk is one of the strongest superstars on the microphone and Daniel Bryan is not far behind him. More importantly, A.J. has proved herself a capable actress who can convey emotion without having to ham it up. This means a really naturalistic story could be built and the acting ability will stop people from getting bored.

A long-running feud would also keep CM Punk and Daniel Bryan away from the John Laurinaitis versus John Cena feud. Punk being distracted over women troubles would be a good reason for him not to get involved with his former adversary. Two concurrent feuds are always more interesting than one feud that becomes unwieldy with too many participants.  

Ultimately, the best reason to feud over love is that the story can go in so many different directions. Part of the WWE's recent problems, which they are now trying to rectify, are feuds that only have one logical conclusion. This is not fun for the fans and it losses the WWE money.

Punk versus Bryan could go many ways with several twists and turns. A.J.'s allegiance could be the difference between winning and losing so no one can truly know what will happen next.

This will create exciting television which is what everyone wants. It could even culminate in some of the most historic matches in the WWE. How about a 60-minute Iron Man match where the winner gets A.J.'s services? Or a Three Stages of Hell match where the championship and the love of a good woman are all up for grabs.   

A good proportion of people will bemoan the fact that this feud will not be over the championship alone. Many more will argue that these two are good enough that anything else will be a distraction from the in-ring action.  

This could be true.

The counterargument is Randy Savage, who made his name by feuding over Miss Elizabeth. His matches against the likes of George "The Animal" Steele, Honky Tonk Man and Hulk Hogan are considered to be one of the high points of that era.

Miss Elizabeth added so much to these feuds which has rarely happened since. If Punk, Bryan and A.J. could take inspiration from these great feuds of the past, then they might just produce one of their own.