A Plea to Prince Fielder

Tim SeemanAnalyst IMarch 3, 2008


The next time you head out for a night on the town in Milwaukee; realize how much this city loves you.

It was 15 years between winning seasons for baseball fans here. You were a major part of it. 

Every time you hit one of your 50 home runs, the tiny Bernie Brewer in every Milwaukee fan's heart took a trip down that little yellow slide.

The excitement amongst fans is palpable heading into this year, but the fear is just as evident as we face a Fielder-less future that might be upon us before we have a chance to rightfully call you "King Prince of Milwaukee."

You may feel slighted, even disrespected, by the Brewer front office after they simply renewed your contract.

Understand this, though: The organization knows that if they lose you because of their unwillingness to offer you top dollar, they will lose fans and, consequently, money.

So, fear not, young Prince. 

You will get the money you rightfully deserve, and you will get it in Milwaukee. 

Your day of glory is yet to come, and when it does, it will culminate atop a float in a World Series Championship parade with your loyal subjects lining the streets to watch their Prince become King of Milwaukee.