Cody Rhodes: Ranking the Potential Challengers to His IC Title

Julian SalinasCorrespondent IMay 4, 2012

Cody Rhodes: Ranking the Potential Challengers to His IC Title

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    I have to admit, I was one of the people who thought it was fairly impossible for Cody Rhodes to regain the IC title at Extreme Rules. And in the end, I was (thankfully) wrong.

    In a pretty good match, that included a cool Disaster Kick from a table, Cody won against the Big Show.

    But now that he's IC champion once again, who will Rhodes face? I'm going to rank the possible challengers the Dashing One will face in the near future. I browsed through the WWE roster (even from RAW, since the company really doesn't seem to care about that anymore) and chose the ones with the most potential in my eyes.

    So let's get started!

10. Ted DiBiase

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    Ted is really talented. The only problem is that Creative doesn't even know what to do with him. That, and he's injured at the moment.

    I like the potential the DiBiase vs. Rhodes feud has. I mean, Ted doesn't necessarily need to win, but I think I might enjoy a rivalry between the former Legacy members.

    Also, I don't want Ted going back to feuding with Jinder Mahal or Hunico again. Gotta give him something kind of new, and yes, I know he already had a match with Cody with the title in stake. But this should happen if DiBiase gets a character change.

9. Tyson Kidd

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    Another guy who has nothing better to do.

    Tyson and Cody would have a great match.

    I like the idea of Tyson stepping up for the IC championship at least one time because it would give him something to do while we all wait for his partner, Justin Gabriel, to get healthy and go make the tag division better.

    I really do think Tyson deserves a shot, but not necessarily a win.

8. Sin Cara

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    With rumors flying throughout the Internet about Sin Cara's close return to the WWE, I'd say this is a pretty good way to bounce back.

    Sin Cara left because of an injury that occurred last year at Survivor Series after an awkward fall to ringside. Ever since, they've been calling this guy a big fail, and it's kind of right.

    But I believe that the Mexican superstar started off on the wrong foot, and hopefully he'll come back in a better way. A match with the IC champion after beating guys for several weeks could be OK.

    But just like the past two guys, Cara shouldn't leave with the title. The match would be just fine.

7. Hunico

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    Give this guy something to do!

    Seriously, I like his style and moves, but the WWE isn't using him. They should've kept him like the fake Sin Cara instead. Maybe that way he'd be doing something.

    A battle with Cody shouldn't mean a face turn for anyone, but I'd still like to see a confrontation between the two.

    Besides, I'm supporting this guy because he has the same beard style as I do. (Kidding!)

6. Brodus Clay

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    That's right! The Funkasaurus would be an interesting pick to challenge Cody for the Intercontinental championship.

    Why, you ask? Well, it would give Clay his first loss.

    Don't get me wrong, Brodus can be very entertaining (except when he's with Hornswoggle—that's kind of annoying), but I would really like to see him enter a good feud, not just him beating all his foes in a squash match. Plus, it could wake up the competitive side in the Funk.

    Also, Cody would get some good momentum as well.

    It could turn into a feud, and maybe have Brodus win the title, but give it back to Rhodes the next month, or better yet, elevate him to the main event.

5. Wade Barrett

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    Gosh, I miss that theme song.

    This could only work if Wade came back from injury before Money in The Bank happens. Barrett becoming the IC champion before winning the briefcase would be a pretty good idea.

    Plus, Cody and Wade could have a pretty sick match.

    And if it does happen, I'm pretty sure it would be better than his last run with the strap. After all, Nexus 2, I mean, the Corre, doesn't even exist anymore.

    I put Barrett at the No. 5 spot because I kind of doubt that he will be back in time.

4. Mark Henry

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    It could be like the Hall of Pain, but a little smaller.

    Henry could become a dominant Intercontinental champion and give some serious prestige back to the title. I could easily see him carrying the strap for a very long time, maybe even breaking Rhodes' record.

    From this point on, all the challengers (except No. 3) are listed so they can take Rhodes from the midcard to the main-event scene.

    It's a win-win situation. Make the IC title look good, and give Rhodes a run at the top.

3. Big Show

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    Got to be a realist.

    I believe Big Show will get his rematch at Over the Limit. It can be a pretty good match, although I would really want to see both competitors moving on from the feud.

    Show could really make Rhodes look strong, and Cody should be the victor of this match. It wouldn't make any sense to put the strap back on the big man. Plus, Show rarely seems weak in defeat.

2. Christian

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    This could really help both the midcard and the main event scene on SmackDown.

    Have a former two-time world heavyweight champion decide to take a shot at the IC title, and give Cody the opportunity to try his hand at a major title. But again, this can work without having one of them turn face.

    Christian really does deserve one more match, but I think it can wait a little while longer. And having the IC title on your shoulder isn't a bad thing, either.

1. Randy Orton

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    Apart from Christian, the best main event pick to swap with Rhodes is definitely the Viper.

    Being such a huge hit with the fans, plus having a wicked move set, it would be a gigantic move to have Orton carry the IC championship. The prestige it would have would be amazing.

    Also, Cody would take Randy's spot at the main event. Heck, maybe he'll become a tweener, or even a face, just like Orton (he's been getting a lot of cheers lately).

    It would be risky. But I think it's really worth it.


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