Arizona State Football: Sun Devils' Michael Eubank Could Bring Success in 2012

Jeff Chase@@Real_Jeff_ChaseSenior Analyst IIMay 2, 2012


New head coach Todd Graham hasn't figured out who his starting quarterback will be in 2012, but if the Arizona State Sun Devils want to go with the option that could have the biggest upside, redshirt freshman Michael Eubank should be their man.

Eubank is currently battling for the position with sophomores Michael Bercovici and Taylor Kelly, but asThe Seattle Times'  Bud Withers points out, the freshman is the team's most dynamic option.

Eubank, despite his 6-5, 242-pound size, is the best runner of the three but shows limitations as a passer, while Bercovici is probably the best passer, and Kelly gives ASU a little of both. Eubank, from the ASU pipeline of Corona, Calif., is the most dynamic player and whenever he wins the job, he figures to get a long look.

While Kelly may be the best option on paper, the possibility that Eubank provides is quite intriguing—especially considering how Graham could change the way the Sun Devils run their offense.

According to FS Arizona's Craig Morgan, Graham shared how he will be running the team's offense in comparison to how Noel Mazzone had in the past.

The tempo is probably faster, but we are much more of a run-first mentality or a run, play-action team. We want to be able to establish the run.

If that is the route Graham wishes to take, he may find his team running best through the versatility of Eubank, as well as the opportunities in guys like running backs Cameron Marshall and D.J. Foster—if not red shirted.

The only problem with Eubank is he hasn't experienced a single snap at the college level, as Bercovici and Kelly hit the field last season. 

According to, Eubank ran for 1,329 yards with 19 touchdowns in his senior season of high school. Don't forget, he was also a quarterback, as he passed for 2,770 yards and 22 TDs. He was the No. 8 QB in the nation and may just rise above the rest to take the starting spot.

The team is nowhere close to deciding on a starter, but all three looked great in this year's spring game. According to's Doug Haller, Eubank feels confidant about his chances, given his ability.

Eubank doesn't know for sure, but he thinks he might be leading. At 6 feet 5 and 242 pounds, he knows his ability to run gives him an advantage, which is why he got upset Saturday when officials kept whistling the play dead before he was tackled.

Confidence is half the battle, so now all Eubank must play his best to potentially outright win the position before this fall.


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