Are We Done Sipping The Kool Aid? The Warriors Suck and Trades Need to Be Made

Garlic boyCorrespondent IJanuary 29, 2009

After going 4-3 and being competitive in the last seven games, Warriors fans were beginning to believe that the current Warriors could be a competitive team in the future. 

Maggette was averaging 23 points and seven rebounds off the bench; Crawford had a streak of games with 28 points or more. What many Warrior fans failed to realize is that we went 4-3 against some of the worst teams in the league. 

We beat the Clips missing four of their starting five, the Pacers, the Hawks without Horford, and the lowly Wizards. We lost to the Kings, the Thunder, and the Cavs who were without two starters Delonte West and Z. In short, we barely beat teams that a good team would crush and we lost to some of the worst teams in the league. 

During this stretch we were a varsity team playing against j.v. teams and we barely went 4-3.  We should have gone 6-1, blowing out the majority of these teams. It's amazing how far the Warriors have fallen in less than a year.

Tonight against the eighth seeded Mavs, the Warriors got hammered 117-93 and completely outplayed in every facet of the game. Our defense was appalling to announcers Mark Jackson and Stan Van Gundy. Van Gundy said it best in reference to wide-open transition buckets by the Mavs. 

"It's five on five, it's not that hard, there's somebody for everyone to guard."  It wasn't as if the Warriors played a great team, we played a team that could very well be in the lottery, and my belief is that they will not make the playoffs this year, and will be overtaken by the Mavericks.

Recent trade proposals involving Corey Maggette and Jamal Crawford have been met with angst and disbelief with the recent play of Maggette and his role off the bench. 

Maggette will not average 23 points and seven rebounds for the rest of the season.  He's a career 18 to19 point, five rebound-type of player on an average team. He's been in the league nearly 10 years, highly unlikely that he suddenly becomes a superstar and continues to average 23 points and seven rebounds. 

Jamal Crawford is a shooting guard trying to play point guard. He's been trying for close to a decade in the NBA. Perhaps he should try playing some defense since the point guard thing has not been working out too well. 

Tonight he had one assist to four turnovers getting handcuffed by old man Jason Kidd and Jason Terry. When Jamal gets fancy, he gets in trouble. Even Rafer Alston retired Skip to My Lou when he got to the NBA, Jamal needs to decide whether he wants to be an NBA star or and And1 Clown.

Warriors’ fans are used to losing. However, unlike other losing teams this season, the Warriors’ season has no silver lining. The silver lining that ALL, losing teams have this season is that their young players have shown that they do indeed have abilities and are capable of being stars in this league. Rose, Mayo, Beasley, Kevin Love, Russell Westbrook, Jason Thompson, even JaVale McGee. Every non-playoff team has given their young guys tons of playing time. 

Instead of playing Anthony Randolph at PF, we play undersized Corey Maggette, Stephen Jackson, and Azubuike, everyone but Anthony Randolph. He makes mistakes, but every player makes mistakes. More importantly, what is the team doing that causes him to make mistakes? 

How about expecting him to do things that no PF in the league does?

We expect Anthony Randolph to grab a rebound, dribble coast to coast and make the correct decision with the ball in his hands, either passing it shooting it or driving to the hole. Our point guards and shooting guards still make mistakes leading the break, yet we expect the youngest player in the NBA who is a Power Forward to do it? These are unrealistic expectations. 

How about limiting his game by asking him to just rebound and block shots? 

He can take the ball up court, but then he has to hand it off to a guard. How about limiting his shot selection? Allow him to shoot only inside shots, shots off the block or wide-open shots after the ball has been swung, but no jumpers or 15-foot turnaround fadeaways? 

Brandan Wright has also played well when in the game although his rebounding and defense leaves something to be desired.  How about giving him an incentive to rebound.  If he can't increase his below 10 rebounds a game per 48 min average, he will lose his already scant playing time.

Jamal Crawford is playing a ton, when he has dropped strong hints that he will opt out.  Not necessarily meaning he's crossing the Warriors off his list, but he will opt out and if the Warriors want to resign him, they can resign him (which the Warriors should avoid doing at all costs).  We should trade Jamal and give Monta the minutes at the point guard position, giving Monta a chance to develop his PG skills. CJ Watson should get Monta's back-up minutes. 

The Warriors’ season is lost, but there is still a chance to regain some hope and some semblance of a future if only the youngsters are given a chance to play and develop. And that will only happen if the veteran players in front of them are traded. 

Here are two possible trade scenarios to get rid of Jamal and Maggette. I like the first trade scenario.

OKC gets: Jamal Crawford and Tarence Kinsey

Cavs get: Corey Maggette, Chris Wilcox, and Marcus Williams

Dubs get: Wally Szczerbiak, Robert Swift or Saer Sene, 2009 first round pick from Cavs ~5~9~9~5&te=&cash=[/url]

Three Team Trade.

OKC gets: Jamal Crawford, 2010 second round pick 
Cavs get: Maggette and Chris Wilcox
Dubs get: Wally Szczerbiak, Saer Sene or Robert Swift, 2009 first from Cleveland (28th overall)

Will the Warriors trade? Two new pickups? Yes. Maggette is expendable, and Jamal has hinted he will opt out, so in essence you’re giving up Maggette. More importantly, this trade also gives Monta time at the PG position. Jamal is good, but if you saw the game the other night, you know that Monta is WAY better. 

Will the Cavs want Maggette? Maybe... but with a half a season rental of Chris Wilcox, definitely! Maggette and Wilcox add significant depth to the Cavs and make them even stronger.

Will the Cavs give up a first? If it’s close to the last pick in the first round, and you’re a title contender, does it matter? Spurs used to sell their first round picks.

Will OKC trade for Jamal Crawford? Big IF. Jamal has hinted he'll opt out, but it does give them a chance at looking at how he would do if they were to sign Jamal during the off-season. 

Does OKC want Jamal for half a season in exchange for a second round pick? Tough call, but Jamal will bring some fans to the stadium (i.e. $$$), and with around 30 games left, it's doubtful he wins enough games to keep them from getting a top five pick. More importantly, he'll bring excitement to the team and a possibility that he resigns with the Thunder if it's a fit for both sides.

Can the Thunder get more for Wilcox and Sene? Sene is looking more and more like another POB and the Thunder not exercising their team option means he must really be bad. The may get more for Wilcox, but what will they receive an expiring in return?  More importantly, the Thunder also have Joe Smith, Desmond Mason, and Earl Watson that they can move.