With Brandon Jacobs Gone, Who Will Be Sharing Carries with Ahmad Bradshaw?

Owen ClarkCorrespondent IIIMay 17, 2015

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The Giants won the Super Bowl last year despite having the worst running game in the league, but that's not a formula Tom Coughlin and crew want to replicate, so upgrading the backfield is priority No. 1 this offseason.

They got off to a great start by getting rid of Brandon Jacobs, who was owed $4 million, is coming off his worst yardage season since '06 and has a Shaun Alexander-type collapse written all over him.

Plus, he runs his mouth too much for a guy who isn't actually good anymore.

Jacobs' departure makes Ahmad Bradshaw the clear No. 1 guy in New York, but he just had bone marrow injected into his busted foot—not exactly what you want to hear from your workhorse back.

So, the Giants wisely used their first-round pick on some insurance in David Wilson out of Virginia Tech. 

Wilson's got a ton of talent, with a 41-inch vertical and penchant for back flips. He's got the skills to really bring back the Emmitt Smith goal-line touchdown leap.

Then again, Wilson's got a fumbling problem and is a below-average receiver. Let's face it, the Giants offense is still going to be driven by Eli and the passing game.

That's why I see Big Blue adding a veteran receiving back like Mewelde Moore or Kevin Faulk, both of whom are available by the way.

They need a guy to come in on passing downs, pick up a blitz, run the occasional draw play and move the chains on a check-down.

So, you've got Bradshaw as your starter, Wilson as your insurance, change-of-pace guy and the Moore/Faulk type as your third-down option, with maybe a dusting of DJ Ware in there when Bradshaw gets hurt.

Then again, they could always just bring back Tiki Barber. I hear he's still looking.

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