WWE News: Big Update on Michael Cole

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WWE News: Big Update on Michael Cole
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Has anyone noticed that smarmy heel commentator Michael Cole has toned down his act on television in recent times?

Indeed, while the announcer's overbearing and obnoxious nature has blighted many an episode of Raw and SmackDown in the past, these days Cole tends to be more sympathetic with the faces. He's called for Brock Lesnar to be punished after his vicious attack on Josh Matthews last week and told SmackDown diva AJ to get shot of her uncaring boyfriend Daniel Bryan several times in the past couple of months.    

Well, in this week's (subscribers-only) Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer gives an interesting update on the direction of the Michael Cole character noting that, per WWE storylines, the announcer is no longer a full-fledged heel:

Even though he goes back-and-forth like the wind, officially Michael Cole as a heel announcer was supposed to have ended with WrestleMania a few weeks back. He’s supposed to be an edgy character down the road now, although he was still favoring John Laurinaitis on TV, but in the Cena angle, was trying to be sympathetic to Cena and not behind Laurinaitis.

For those sick of Cole's constant damaging disparagement of WWE's top faces, this will be welcome news. Certainly, the announcer's over-the-top heel act has served as an annoying distraction for far too long, and management should be placing all their focus getting over the wrestlers—not a non-worker with strictly a supporting role in the company.

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