MLB: New York Yankee's Predictions

Ted WilliamsContributor IMarch 3, 2008

Let's count the ways the Yankees will suck more than ever this year.

 1. Hank Steinbrenner, Spawn of the "Boss" will fail miserably, fire Cashman in June and threaten Giradi's job.

2. Joba Chamberlain will be not have many chances to close so Hank will make him a starter or long reliever and burn him out, Giradi will be pissed.

3. Mike Mussina will win a total of 10 games.

4. Andy Pettite will be as bad as Clemens in '07

5. Jorge Posada will be injured and miss the 2nd half.

6. Jason Giambi will try to carry the team and strike out often and in key situations 

7. Hideki "Godzilla" Matsui will hit below .240

8. Johnny Damon? Who?

9. Susan Waldman will be your color commentator, I love the sound of fingernails on a blackboard

10. Hal and Hank. Say no more, I love it! The Bronx Zoo lives!