Mayweather vs. Cotto: EA Fight Night Champion Simulation for WBA Title

Henry Martin@KFZ001Senior Analyst IMay 3, 2012

Mayweather vs. Cotto: EA Fight Night Champion Simulation for WBA Title

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    This Saturday, Floyd Mayweather Jr. (42-0, 26 knockouts) will put his undefeated record on the line against one of his toughest opponents to date, Miguel Cotto (37-2, 30 KOs).

    The majority of fans and boxing media are predicting a win for Mayweather. But Cotto is also seen as a legitimate opponent who could hand Mayweather his first defeat.

    With that being said, everybody is eager to see what happens Saturday night.

    I conducted a fight simulation on the XBOX 360 version of Fight Night Champion. It was conducted on the highest possible setting (Greatest of All Time), with Mayweather having a 93 rating and Cotto an 89.

    Here is a round-by-round breakdown of the simulated Mayweather vs. Cotto fight.

Round 1

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    The round begins  with Cotto stalking Mayweather and being the aggressor. He's trying to force his way inside and rip Mayweather with body shots. Mayweather is being very defensive, keeping his guard up, keeping his distance and picking his shots.

    Cotto continues to push forward and Mayweather slips and blocks some shots. Cotto doesn't really have any success hitting Mayweather and catches a couple of shots going in.

    Mayweather is making Cotto miss and making him pay with counter shots. He's starting to use the uppercut now to catch Cotto when he's making his way inside.

    Cotto finds a moment of success when he traps Mayweather against the ropes and lets loose combinations to the body and head that find Mayweather.

    Mayweather is hit, but is able to escape major damage by blocking and dodging. He's then able to back Cotto off by countering with a brutal right hook right before the round ends.

    Round 1: Mayweather, 10-9

Round 2

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    Cotto is a lot smarter this round, instead of trying to rush in and attack Mayweather, he tries to use his jab to find range and rhythm. He's having better success as he's able to land more shots on Mayweather.

    Mayweather is starting to be a little more aggressive and pushes the action a little with Cotto, who gladly returns the favor.

    While Cotto is performing better, he's still taking counter shots by Mayweather. He's not taking as many as in the first round, but he's still getting hit.

    Cotto tries to get Mayweather against the ropes. When he does, he attacks with combinations that are starting to land better compared to the first round. Mayweather backs Cotto off again by dodging and moving away from the ropes.

    Cotto is performing better this round, but he's using too much energy. He's throwing a lot of punches that are missing and his stamina is beginning to wear down. 

    Cotto wins this round on activity.

    Round 2: Cotto

    Judges' Scorecard: 19-19

Round 3

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    Mayweather starts strong. Cotto comes in trying to jab at Mayweather, but he ducks and hits Cotto with a counter punch that momentarily fazes him. 

    Cotto comes swinging at Mayweather, but he misses and walks into a punch that causes him to clinch Mayweather.

    Mayweather is starting to use his lateral movement better this round. Cotto throws a punch, and Mayweather moves out and around and hits him. 

    Cotto continues his attack, but he can't hit Mayweather and is getting tired. His mouth is wide open and he's breathing hard.

    Mayweather sees this and lets his defense down a little to attack. He lands some good shots, but takes a couple of big hooks and uppercuts from Cotto right before the bell rings.

    Cotto's getting exhausted, his stamina is almost depleted and he's getting slower and slower while Mayweather's speed hasn't gone down at all.

    Round 3: Mayweather

    Judges' Scorecard: 29-28, Cotto

    It looks like the judges are rewarding Cotto for activity

Round 4

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    Although Cotto's visibly exhausted and his stamina is more than halfway gone, he continues to press forward. Mayweather's defense is lowered as he begins to take the offense.

    He lands a couple of good shots on Cotto, but since he's become more aggressive, he's left himself open to more shots by Cotto, who lands a couple of good hooks and a uppercut to Mayweather.

    As Cotto's coming forward, Mayweather sends a right down the pipeline that hurts and stuns Cotto.

    Mayweather tries to finish this one early, but Cotto survives and fights off Mayweather, backing him of with an uppercut.

    Cotto is slower and has become easier to hit. He has abandoned going to the body and is now trying to catch Mayweather with some hard hooks and uppercuts when he gets up close. 

    Mayweather takes a few hits, but comes back with some vicious counter punches that has Cotto reeling.

    Despite all this, Cotto continues to press forward. Mayweather sees this and catches him with an uppercut almost every time.

    As the round comes closer to the end, roles change as Cotto is now being stalked by an aggressive Mayweather. Cotto is against the ropes defending against Mayweather and barely makes it out of the round. 

    Round 4: Mayweather

    Judges' Scorecard: 39-37, Mayweather 

Round 5

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    There's a recurring theme here. Cotto comes off trying to pressure Mayweather despite being exhausted. Cotto's throwing but not landing at a good ratio.

    Cotto throws one and, whether he lands it or not, gets two or three back from Mayweather. 

    Mayweather's offense is now opening up and he's landing some good uppercuts when Cotto charges in and some good counter punches when Cotto throws.

    Cotto pushes Mayweather to the ropes and lands a good combination to the body. This is short-lived as Mayweather pushes Cotto off and rips his own three-punch combination.

    The commentator, Teddy Atlas, mocks Cotto for not changing anything up and coming in with the same thing over and over again.

    Cotto begins to back off and Mayweather becomes the aggressor again. He lands some good shots on Cotto and catches Cotto with a hard counter left while Cotto is trying to punch Mayweather.

    Right before the round ends, Cotto catches Mayweather with a hard right hook that visibly hurts him.

    As both men sit in their respective corners, the camera shows that there is a huge cut under Cotto's left eye.

    Round 5: Mayweather

    Judges' Scorecard: 49-46, Mayweather

Round 6

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    Brian Kelly, one of the commentators, says that Mayweather is easily winning the fight and that Cotto looks like he's shadow-boxing due to his inability to hit Mayweather.

    Cotto has a little energy back and begins to pressure Mayweather again. Mayweather gets back into a defensive mindset and pulls back his punches. He starts to pick his shots against Cotto, throwing when he makes Cotto miss.

    Mayweather is finding success, but absorbs a nasty Cotto hook halfway through the round.

    Cotto spends the rest of the round throwing and missing Mayweather, who capitalizes and lands a crisp counter punch every time Cotto throws and then backs off. 

    Cotto trudges forward with his mouth wide open.

    Round 6: Mayweather

    Judges' Scorecard: 59-55, Mayweather 

Round 7

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    Cotto is now fighting smarter, jabbing Mayweather to find an opening and set up a combination instead of unsuccessfully rushing Mayweather.  He starts to go back to the body and finds some success.

    Cotto is having more success, but gets caught with an uppercut while throwing a hook.

    Mayweather changes his strategy and returns to his defense shell, trying to figure out Cotto's rhythm so he can counter.

    Cotto is more successful this round. That quickly changes, though, as he goes in for a body shot. Mayweather is too quick and catches him with a right hook that drops Cotto to the ground instantly.

    Cotto gets up at the count of four.

    Mayweather takes advantage and lands two hard body shots that has Cotto reeling backward. 

    Mayweather has Cotto against the ropes and starts to throw. He backs off, though, when Cotto begins to throw and catches him.

    Cotto is visibly gassed and Mayweather takes advantage of this. He pushes forward and has Cotto against the ropes again. He stuns him with a left and takes Cotto down again with a hard right-hand to the liver.

    Cotto isn't as lucky this time. He struggles to get up. Seeing this, the ref calls off the fight and Mayweather is the new WBA junior welterweight champion by way of a seventh-round KO.