WWE Real Talk: What Did Natalya Do to Get Buried Like This Anyway?

Giulio RomanoCorrespondent IIMay 2, 2012

Wow! Image by wwe-raw.org
Wow! Image by wwe-raw.org

Well, it's officially the month of May, which means summer is on the way, and that is hot, hot, hot!

Speaking of hot, have you seen new WWE Divas Champion Layla lately? She looks incredible. She had been sidelined for so long everyone almost forgot about her. But on Sunday, the former Lay-Cool mean girl came back, "lay-ed" out those damned Bella twins and took home the butterfly.

Speaking of the evil twins, May also means we are past the April 30 mark. Now, their contracts have come to an end, and with it, their WWE career have ended as well. Ciao ciao Brie and Nikki, you will not be missed. My only regret is that I didn't see Kharma come back and beat the living daylights out of you like she should have.

No matter, with them gone and Layla back on the roster, things can start improving for my beloved Divas division. The summer is ripe with potential.

First things first...what the hell is going on with Natalya? Who did she p***-o**? to end up where she is? Maybe she flirted with the wrong boss or stole Stephanie's compact, but whatever it was, it wasn't good.


Natalie Neidhart is a member of the noble Hart wrestling family. She is a former Divas Champion and the only female to have won a championship for that family.

With Bret Hart and WWE on good terms now, you would expect some good things to happen to her. But if not for her name, then for her incredible athletic abilities.

She is a great worker and a beautiful woman. What more do you need to be a Diva anyway?


A few months ago, there was so much hope despite the fact Kharma was away on leave. Beth Phoenix and the Hart princess united and formed the Divas of Doom, and they subsequently captured the championship at the Hell In A Cell pay-per-view.

They were supposed to become the most dominant duo ever formed in female pro-wrestling. Yes, more than the Beautiful People or Lay-Cool. No one could have stopped them if it had been executed right.

They would have had a falling out down the road, which, in turn, could have led to that still-pending feud between them. That is where I would have re-inserted a returning Kia Stevens.

However, things are not always happening the way I desire, and Natalya, for the life of me, was demoted and made to lose every week to wimps like Kelly Kelly and company. She also started to drift away from her "sister," the Glamazon, because company writers saw it best to promote her using flatulence.

Yes, flatulence or in the vernacular, farting. I cannot believe I actually write this; it is so insulting to her person, her talent and her respected family. Why she didn't say anything still baffles me, but that is not my call in the end.

If company writers and officials decided on her fate out of spite, she should take matter into her own hands, but something tells me it wasn't so. She is still employed by the company. Did they make her a crazy offer for the future in exchange for this? If so, there better be two more title reigns and a WrestleMania match in the new deal.

Now, according to the Smackdown spoilers for this coming Friday—(yes, I am spilling the beans)—Natalya is facing Layla in a losing effort. Sigh!

The silver lining is that she is showcased on television and not on WWE Superstars. (Mind you, that is better than nothing.)

Considering all her abilities and with Beth Phoenix "away" right now, it is a perfect time to bring her back into the spotlight. There are hardly any other decent Divas available unless their attitudes change. Eve is busy fulfilling her destiny as the GM's consultant, and the others are all "faces".

Layla may carry around that belt right now, but the Division needs someone like Natalya to represent them. Why don't they try turning her into a Bret Hart character? She just needs to change her outfit and music a little bit.

Put all that aside for a second...Natalya is great, I have always liked her and wished her title reign did not end like it did. I also hope that she sticks around for a long time because a division filled with women like her means only good things.

You may have accepted your fate for now Nattie, but it doesn't have to remain an unpleasant one. You know best what you want but know that you have a great amount of followers out there who support and cheer you on, no matter what.