Should Fights Be Banned In The NHL? 54 Percent Of Canadians Say Yes

Daniel ArouchianSenior Analyst IJanuary 28, 2009

During the NHL all-star weekend, a Canadian Press Harris-Decima survey showed that 54 percent of Canadians believe that fights should be outlawed in the NHL. With that in mind, the same question was asked to NHL fans.

Their response? 68 percent responded that players should be allowed to fight, while only 30 percent of fans supported a ban on fighting.

"Opinion is pretty split on this issue, there's a slight majority overall among Canadians that say that they think fighting should probably be banned from hockey," said Jeff Walker, Harris-Decima's senior vice-president.

"However, you've got a core group of hockey fans, the most ardent fans, who do not want fighting banned from hockey at all."

What's your opinion? Should the NHL ban fighting?