Omar Minaya Wants Pedro Back in Queens

Greg JansenCorrespondent IJanuary 28, 2009

According to, Mets General Manager Omar Minaya wants to bring Pedro Martinez back for one more year to compete for one of the two remaining spots in the Mets' starting rotation.

Reports from a source close to the general manager confirmed that he traveled to Pedro's home country of the Dominican Republic.  Minaya has not offered a contract, but wishes to keep open the possibility of bringing Pedro back.

But as likeable and classy as Pedro is, the Mets cannot afford to have him in their rotation.  He had his worst year by a long shot in 2008 and still cannot be trusted to be injury free.

In seasons where he has pitched at least 100 innings, Martinez, now 37, had his worst season for ERA by over a full run per nine innings.  His ERA down the stretch was an astronomical 7.77 in five starts, losing his three decisions in that month.

He had the least amount of wins, worst winning percentage, and lowest strikeout total in his career.

Pedro has also failed to start 30 games per season since 2005, his first contract year with the Mets.  This has put a strain on the Mets to find other starters to fill his spot while he's out with injury.  And while he started 20 games last year, he pitched past the sixth inning only three times, and never past the seventh.

This kind of pitching put a strain on a bullpen that was terrible in the second half of the season.

Sorry, Pedro. 

I think you're a great person and you'd be great for the clubhouse, especially if Minaya signs Manny Ramirez.  But the Mets cannot afford to take a chance with an aging pitcher who has been slowly fading over the last four years.