20 Athletes with WAG Problems

Zack PumerantzAnalyst IIIMay 2, 2012

20 Athletes with WAG Problems

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    Forget about early morning workouts, late afternoon sauna sessions, and nightly massages to keep the muscles tender. Athletes have much more to worry about at home with wild wives and girlfriends prancing about for attention.

    In a profession shadowed by these bodacious WAGs, talented ballers must simultaneously handle their woman's affinity for provocative photo shoots and tendency to act insane.

    For most it's a tough process, one that requires patience and perspective. Good luck.

    Let's check out 20 athletes with WAG problems.

    In other words, welcome to the Maury Povich show.

20. Kris Benson

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    Finally, we can include the excruciatingly obnoxious, verbally controversial Anna Benson on a list that doesn't involve hotness of any kind, because it's clear she's lost any visual steam she once possessed. 

    She threatened to sleep with the entire Mets organization if Kris ever cheated on her during his time in New York, made him dress up as Santa Claus, and completed more than several risque photo shoots.

    Those tired journeyman eyes tell the story.

19. Tim Hasselbeck

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    Getting emasculated on stage by his chatty wife is one thing, but having to listen to her obnoxious statements about nonsense on The View gets old after awhile. Especially when she's criticizing Erin Andrews' sexy attire.

    Elizabeth Hasselbeck must feel the same way when listening to her former backup quarterback husband attempt to dissect offensive plays.

    With five career touchdown passes, he's clearly an expert of the game.

18. Cole Hamels

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    Knowing your wife would strip for peanut butter is far from comforting for any routine gent–just ask Cole Hamels.

    The former Heidi Strobel offered no hesitation when presented with the chance to lose her clothes for a tasty snack during her time on Survivor.

    Truly brilliant television.

17. Krzysztof Krol

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    As difficult as it probably is for the Polish footballer to pronounce his own name, he has a significantly tougher task ahead of him every time he rolls over in bed.

    Model wife Patrycja Mikula makes every morning a tongue-twisting frustration. But in the end, they decided on a subtle, ordinary name for their first son.

    Cristiano. Of course.

16. Alex Rodriguez

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    From Kate Hudson to Cameron Diaz to Madonna to Torrie Wilson, the controversial Yankee has yet to settle down with one money-grabbing WAG following his divorce from baby mama Cynthia Rodriguez.

    But A-Rod has always had problems with the ladies, featuring one whistle-blowing former lover who detailed the arrogant baseballer's narcissistic ways better than most.

    She revealed that Alex Rodriguez is secretly a centaur, kind of.

15. Iker Casillas

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    The entire soccer world remembers the she-was-a-distraction accusations surrounding sexy sports reporter Sara Carbonero during the 2010 World Cup.

    But while certainly touching, her relationship with Spanish goalkeeper Iker Casillas has led many to question the latter's focus during times his girlfriend is present.

    No complaints here.

14. Peter Crouch

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    This English footballer is nowhere close to improving his reputation after allegedly cheating on stunning model Abbey Clancy with a teenage prostitute. Come on man.

    We expect the backlash to continue for years to come, considering trust is the essence to any prosperous relationship.

    Although the awkward bloke doesn't seem fazed.

13. Dwyane Wade

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    The homewrecking accusations thrust into Gabrielle Union's lap during her courtship with Dwyane Wade will seemingly shadow this illustrious relationship for years to come, but the warrant now seems possibly lacking.

    Wade's got more serious issues with his baby mama–the same Siohvaughn Wade who sued her husband's side girl and felt betrayed.

    Coming home to Union though? Truly tough times for the Heat baller.

12. Tiki Barber

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    When the cone-headed former tailback left his ex-wife for former NBC intern and family babysitter Traci Lynn Johnson, few expected Tiki Barber to enjoy a smooth future.

    Now that he's finalized his divorce and is set to marry his girl on the side, most would believe Barber is headed in the right direction.

    But with his attempted NFL comeback drawing no takers, you can bet the bald wonder is facing some serious pressure from the hot blonde now running his household.

    No television until he gets a mini-camp invite.

11. Hank Baskett

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    Perhaps the most whipped athlete on the planet (you're welcome Doug Christie), out-of-work receiver Hank Baskett left a legacy on the gridiron that features a botched onside kick recovery attempt in Super Bowl XLIV.

    Baskett shadows his high-profile wife, Playboy entourage member Kendra Wilkinson, who seems determined to fill every crevice of the celebrity world.

    He may be a little too dominated for our liking.

10. Hunter Pence

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    Having dated bikini-clad stunner Terrie B., NFL cheerleader Lindsay Slott, and May 2007 Playboy Playmate Shannon James (the current lady), lanky Phillies outfielder Hunter Pence earns a nod for having too many models on his plate.

    He always swings for the fences, ziiing.

9. Phil Mickelson

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    Unsubstantiated rumors have flooded this seemingly perfect marriage for years now.

    While those involving Lefty's illegitimate child and Amy's affair with Michael Jordan are certainly juicy, the wife-swapping accusations are perhaps the spiciest.

    In the end, FIGJAM seems solely concerned with himself.

8. Brad Penny

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    It was only this past winter that serial WAG artist and MLB hurler Brad Penny was dropped low by Dancing with the Stars icon Karina Smirnoff (no relation to the brand of vodka, we believe).

    And sure he's been with Eliza Dushku, Smirnoff and Alyssa Milano, but losing Smirnoff to Owen suuuuuuunshine Wilson tarnishes all his accomplishments in a heartbeat.

    Rule No. 154: never steal a dancing WAG from a right-handed pitcher with a last name that refers to currency of any kind.

7. Carl Froch

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    Worrying about getting his head knocked off is stressful enough for English boxer Carl Froch.

    But his sexy girlfriend, Rachael Cordingley, has the passionate tendencies that frustrate any nearby viewer.

6. Kobe Bryant

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    When is Kobe not having lady issues is the real question.

    But we're solely here to discuss his current standing as the desperate superstar is attempting to save his roller-coaster marriage.

    Vanessa Bryant finds herself at a fork in the road if you will. Kobe's love or three Newport mansions and $75 million. Tough decisions.

5. Eric Johnson

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    Considering his girlfriend doesn't know whether tuna is chicken or fish, it's safe to say dinner is an experience seven days a week.

    There's a reason her previous beaus sprinted for the exit.

4. Wayne Bridge

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    After accusations about his ex-girlfriend sleeping with the entire Chelsea squad arose, English left back Wayne Bridge had plenty to fume about.

    Featuring his possible regret over having a child with Vanessa Perroncel. She isn't quite the ideal role model.

3. Chad Ochocinco

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    There were already rumblings about alleged infidelities from Chad Ochocinco's side, but those murmurs finally hushed before he and Evelyn Lozada began preparing for their wedding reality show, Ev & Ocho.

    With fans now boycotting the show because they are fed up with Lozada's bullying nature, you can bet Ochocinco will receive some serious backlash. 

    Safe to say he'll be taking more hits at home than on the field in the coming months.

2. Doug Christie

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    Marriage is clearly more important to this former baller than basketball, at least that's what this masterpiece depicts.

    Renewing their wedding vows every year is certainly precious, but approaching the porn industry seems like potential destruction for this obviously thriving marriage.

1. Deion Sanders

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    Name calling, threats, lawsuits, heinous tweets. The madness continues for Primetime and estranged wife Pilar Sanders.

    Sleeping in separate parts of a multi-million dollar mansion is one thing, but having your sons fill out police reports is a harsh ending to a messy divorce.

    Being able to strap on some pads and a helmet would certainly ease the pain.