Chris Cheng Wins History Channel's Top Shot Competition

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistMay 2, 2012

Photo: History Channel
Photo: History Channel

Last night featured the fourth season finale of History Channel's Top Shot, and just like in previous seasons, it came down to the final station.

The day started out with the final four contestants learning what their first elimination competition would be. They found out that they would be shooting trees of plates, just like in previous years.

The twist this year was using a lever-action rifle instead of the standard pistol. The four men were split up into pairs and the losers of each round would face off in a final elimination round to see who went on to the next challenge.

Augie Malekovich ended up being sent home after being outshot by Greg Littlejohn in the final round. Chris Cheng and Gary Shank were safe from their first-round wins.

The three men knew what awaited them next, and they had apparently thought about it throughout the competition.

A tradition on Top Shot is for the final three competitors to sit at a bar in the middle of a desert and pick their poison. By poison, I mean their weapon, target and distance.

Each person has the chance to earn six points by successfully shooting both of their own choices as well as hitting all four of their opponents' challenges.

This did not happen for any of the men. The first three round saw each contestant try to one-up their opponents by choosing increasingly difficult shots. No one made their own shots, let alone the ones set up by their opponents.

Gabby Franco, the first female to make to the individual rounds (Photo: History Channel)
Gabby Franco, the first female to make to the individual rounds (Photo: History Channel)

Once round four rolled around, everyone knew it was time to get down to business. In the end it was Gary who ended up being sent home, and only Greg and Chris were left standing.

The two had a night in the house before their final competition was to take place and they enjoyed themselves by having some drinks and talking about their time in the competition.

The next day would determine the winner of the entire season, earning that person a prize of $100,000 and a pro shooting contract from Bass Pro Shops.

The final stretch of the competition was a series of seven side-by-side shooting stations featuring various weapons from the entire season.

  1. Hit two jugs at 25 feet with the flintlock pistol.
  2. Fire the Henry repeater to knock down two three-part targets from 50 feet.
  3. Use the Webley to hit nine jars in a moving rack from 35 feet.
  4. Hit two rows of six targets each with the Colt. The targets got smaller each row.
  5. Hit three targets on a rotating wheel at 25 yards with the crossbow.
  6. From the prone position, shoot two targets at 125 and 150 yards with the BAR.
  7. Use the Milkor grenade launcher to hit two targets at 50 and 75 yards.

As the two men approached the gauntlet, they saw all the other contestants from the individual portion of the competition standing there to cheer them on.

As Colby outlined what was to happen, you could see the look of elation on both men's face. They were both at the end of what is quite possibly the toughest shooting competition in the world and they were going to have fun, no matter what.

The seven stations featured various weapons that each man had performed well with, as well as performed poorly with.

As the two ripped through the various stations it was neck and neck, with both men having the lead at various points.

At the final station when the two arrived at the same time, it seemed like Greg was a lock to win. The final station was a grenade launcher and Greg is a world champion grenadier.

The two loaded up six rounds and started shooting. When the smoke cleared it was Chris Cheng, the self-proclaimed IT geek who was the last man standing.

Greg had a smile from ear to ear as he hugged the man who just took him out, because there was no way he could have lost by any closer of a margin.

Chris is now the History Channel's fourth Top Shot winner and $100,000 richer. His pro shooting contract will also allow him to continue competing, and I expect that after winning this show, he will be excited to get to the next competition.

They have made a habit of bringing back past winners as coaches in following seasons, so I do not think this will be the last we will see of Chris Cheng.

Congrats on a great win, Chris.