Kobe Bryant Mask Auction: Market for Bizarre Memorabilia Is Absurd

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Kobe Bryant Mask Auction: Market for Bizarre Memorabilia Is Absurd
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When drummers throw their sticks after a rock show, I generally duck to avoid catching one in an eye. If an athlete ever tossed a soaked sweatband into the crowd, the very sight of the soggy "souvenir" would make me feel ill. If Michael Jordan ever auctioned off a signed pair of his gym socks, I think I'd pass.

Clearly, I've never cared much for odd memorabilia.

So when I saw that Kobe Bryant was auctioning off a signed, game-worn face mask, let's just say I turned my nose up a bit at the prospect. From Reid Cherner of USA TODAY:

After a hard foul in the All-Star Game by Heat superstar Dwyane Wade, Bryant wore a protective face mask for weeks to protect him from further damage to a nasal fracture.

Now the mask is being auctioned on eBay with all the proceeds benefiting the Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Family Foundation Youth Homelessness Initiative.

I think it's wonderful that the proceeds from the mask will go to a good cause. Charity auctions that include rare items are a fantastic way to raise money that can go toward doing positive work in our communities.

But this one is kind of gross.

I mean, he sweat in that thing. What if he had a runny nose? And c'mon, other sweaty dudes definitely came in contact with the mask at some point.

I don't find that appealing.

Would you want a Kobe Bryant signed, game-worn mask?

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Yes, I'm sure it's been disinfected, I get that. I still don't want it, though. A rare Kobe Bryant trading card, sure, or maybe a signed copy of Sports Illustrated in which he appeared on the cover, that I would want.

But not this.

But if bizarre memorabilia is your thing, go for it. You'll be helping a good cause, and you'll be able to say you are the only owner of a Kobe Bryant game-worn face mask.

Congratulations. I think.

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