Viral Video of the Day: Botafogo Ball Girl Provides Assist, Shoots to Fame

Michael CummingsWorld Football Lead WriterMay 2, 2012

Behold the hot new career path in Brazil:

Ball girl.

The ball girl in question is one Fernanda Maia and thanks to her heads-up ball girl-ing skills, Maia is quickly becoming a national celebrity in Brazil.

Let's rewind.

Over the weekend, Maia was doing her thing along the sidelines of a match between Brazilian clubs Botafogo and Vasco da Gama. Botafogo held a 2-0 lead early in the second half when Maia lent a helping hand to the team's third goal.

Watch the video above. As Botafogo attack quickly, a Vasco defender plays the ball out of bounds to buy some time.

But Maia is on full alert, and her quick toss to Sebastian Abreu contributes directly to Maicosuel's goal seconds later.

Maia soon became a hit with the press for her "assist." And, well, she's also not bad-looking at all.

101 Great Goals writes:

Fernanda Maia has been credited with the “assist” for Maicosuel’s goal and has been featured by a number of publications since the match on Sunday.

Of course, it helps that Maia is easy on the eye but she has downplayed her part in the third Botafogo goal.

Maia: “I didn’t score the goal. Maicosuel did. He is quick and smart. I did what I always did.”

Since not just Botafogo play at Rio’s Olympic Stadium, the press in Brazil have been desperate to find out who Maia supports but she has refused to divulge.

And this could be just the beginning of Maia’s fame as she also announced “I want to be the ball boy at the World Cup final. Perhaps it can happen!”

These days, a quick Google search of Fernanda Maia reveals how popular she has become, especially in the realm of scantily clad photography.

And, hey, good for her. She's right, you know. Anything can happen when you chase your dream of becoming an internationally famous ball girl.

(h/t 101GG)