WWE: A Plan for the Tag Team Division to Be Reborn (Part 3)

John KindelanAnalyst IIIMay 2, 2012

image from Tribal Wrestling.com
image from Tribal Wrestling.com

In this third and final installment of how to bring new life to the tag team division, we bring you three new teams to round out our division, giving us a total of eight teams for our fantasy plan. In this experiment, Primo and Epico are still tag team champions. In Part One (see link below) we met Tyler Reks & Mason Ryan as the Thracians. Next we met a new Legacy/Horsemen group consisting of Cody Rhodes, Goldust, Ted Dibiase and Mike McGillicutty. Finally, we have a new Harlem Heat for 2012 in the form of Ezekiel Jackson and R-Truth, led by original Harlem Heat legend Booker T. We still have the Uso's as a tag team and we will also continue the teaming up of Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel. 

Its Monday Night Raw and John Laurinitis comes out pleased with the success of the booming tag team division. He goes on to say that tonight we will meet three new teams, and the winners of those matches will go on to a tournament at the upcoming pay-per-view Over the Limit. First up, Kidd and Gabriel will face a new team, and they are announced and head to the ring. 

With Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel in the ring waiting for their next opponent, Christian's music comes on and Edge and Christian highlights begin playing on the monitor. Christian comes out and goes over his accolades of his tag team victories, listing off who he's beaten in the different types of matches. He says he wants tag team gold again, and in order to do that, he needs a fantastic partner, he needs someone whom he knows he will be in the Hall of Fame with; a solid partner who's won championship after championship. He needs a friend, someone he can trust, and he wants a fellow Canadian by his side. While the crowd is going wild waiting for Edge to come through the curtain, Chris Jericho's music hits and he comes down the ramp to join Christian.

He mocks the crowd for thinking that Edge was coming back, telling them he's too busy making a direct-to-Walmart DVD and has no time for these people. He and Christian will dominate the tag team division, they will win the bonus money, and the rest of the tag teams will bow down to the team simply known as Legendary. Forget Rock and Sock, forget DX, please forget the Hart Foundation or even La Resistance; no one will ever come as close to greatness as they are.

The match takes place and Christian and Jericho defeat the Kid and Gabriel, securing them a spot in the upcoming gauntlet tournament.

The next team to come out this night is Jack Swagger with Alex Riley. The All-Americans make their way to the ring. While some might insist that Dolph and Jack Swagger are a good team, I happen to think that Dolph should be used in other ways. The All-Americans come to the ring with Vicki Guerro and wait for their new tag team opponents.

Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins come to the ring with Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn is filming their entrance on her cell phone and Michael Cole tells us she will be tweeting from ringside during the entire match. Ryder (in his usual gear) comes out fist pumping while Hawkins wears a t-shirt that says "watch me on You Tube". The two will be constantly playing up the social networking angle in order to be the online tag team champions 2.0.

The match has some great spots but ends up not being completed as the Legacy group comes out and attacks both teams, leading the groups to a eight man tag team match later that night. We then see The Thracians, Harlem Heat and The Uso's attack and a battle royale takes place in the ring. The only group not to get involved is Christian and Jericho; they stay outside the ring laughing at everyone fighting each other. The rest of the guys in the ring see this and they realize they're all destroying each other before the tournament coming up. Monday Night Raw goes off the air.

Where we go from here for this article can be anywhere. The tag team division is in need of some help and throwing just two random superstars together without giving them any type of cohesion will not make for a good team. The WWE Universe needs team names, matching shirts and other stuff that will put us behind a good duo and make us want to cheer them on as a team, not just as two individuals.

Would Primo and Epico reign supreme? Would a new team emerge as the victors? If I had full creative control over all of this I'd put the belts on Christian and Jericho and have every other team try and take them on, building up the younger teams and establishing Christian and Jericho as the solid legends they are.

But what say you? Who would you want to win from a tag team tournament consisting of these teams?

Primo and Epico with Rosa Mendez

The Thracians - Reks & Ryan

New Legacy - Rhodes, Goldust, Dibiase, McGillicutty

Harlem Heat - Jackson and Truth

Ryder & Hawkins as 2.0

Swagger & Riley as The All Americans

Jericho & Christian - Legendary

Thank you for reading my article today, an attempt to bring some fun to the tag team division. I hope you've enjoyed. Check out the first couple parts listed below:

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