Golden State Warriors: 5 Reasons Andrew Bogut Is Perfect Complement to David Lee

James Pearson@JKPIIICorrespondent IMay 2, 2012

Golden State Warriors: 5 Reasons Andrew Bogut Is Perfect Complement to David Lee

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    I can't believe it's true—the Golden State Warriors are going to have one of the best low post tandems in the entire NBA next season.

    The Warriors are going to look dramatically different next season, which is a good thing since the start of the NBA Playoffs usually means that the Warriors are at home watching them.

    Getting a defensive presence was vital, and now that the season is over, most everyone should be fine with the fact that Monta Ellis is gone and that Andrew Bogut is a Warrior. However, if you are still not happy with the trade, just be thankful that having Bogut on the team prevents the Warriors from throwing free agent dollars at someone like this in the summer.

    When the Warriors did have money to spend, they got David Lee, the biggest free-agent acquisition in franchise history. Lee has not been a disappointment, but he hasn't been an overwhelming success, either. He has the tools to be a perennial All-Star and Andrew Bogut will be the piece to not just make the Lee better, but the whole team as well.

    Bogut might even be an All-Star himself, if the Warriors drastically improve next year it will be because of his and Lee's cohesiveness.

    Here are the reasons why he and Lee will make a great pair.

1. Bogut Will Hide David Lee's Shortcomings

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    Lee has been ridiculed for his contract because he can't defend, he can't block shots and he just isn't physical enough for someone making that amount of money.

    Bogut will come and mask all of Lee's deficiencies and then some.

    Bogut, when healthy, is one of the best defenders in the NBA. He is a very skilled big man who will take a charge, provide terrific help defense and should easily be among the league leaders in blocked shots.

    Just last season, the NBA champion Dallas Mavericks weren't loaded with great defenders, but Tyson Chandler made them a better defensive team by being a dominant defensive presence in the middle.

    There is no reason why Bogut can't be that guy for the Warriors next season and make up for the defense-less Warriors.

2. Bogut Doesn’t Need the Ball to Produce

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    With Lee, Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Dorell Wright on board, shots are going to be harder to come by than a good movie being released. This is especially true when the team is looking to get it down low: Lee will, and always should, be the first option.

    Lee is a better player with the ball in his hands and Bogut doesn’t need it to contribute. By not being a focal point on offense, Bogut will produce with put backs, screens and gift-wrapping passes.

    That’s not the main reason why he is here, though.  

    Bogut is going to make his mark on this team with his defense and rebounding. No one is going to care (as long as they are winning games) how may points he ends up with on any given night.

    His rebounding ability is going to allow Lee to focus more on his offense and improve his game defensively. So far, Lee has always had to worry about being in the right position to rebound because, well, no one else was going to do it.

    Not anymore.

    Bogut is going to make life a lot easier for Lee with his rebounding and defense and even if he was held scoreless (which should never happen by the way) Bogut will still be a factor with his fundamentals and tough physical play.    

3. Bogut Will Allow Lee to Work More Away from the Basket

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    Lee has a fantastic mid-range game.

    This season, whenever Lee would "pick and pop" and had an open jumper, there would be no one left to crash the boards. Now Lee can migrate away from the hoop knowing that Bogut will be there to get a easy putback or to extend the possession.

    Lee is also a terrific passer and getting further away from the hoop allows Lee to widely distribute the ball into the open cutting lanes, which Thompson and Curry are great at filling.

4. Bogut Is a Good Passer Too

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    Lee is not going to be the only big man who can pass on this team next season. Lee's looks are going to get a lot better playing alongside someone who can pass like this.

    Lee has never played with a big man as talented as Bogut and with their ability to make crisp passes, they are going to make each other that much more dangerous offensively.

    Not to mention—they are going to get better looks for sharpshooters Curry, Thompson and Wright.

    For as much of an emphasis that the Warriors are putting on how much better they are going to be defensively next season, with Lee and Bogut's passing ability combined with the shooters they have, I don't see them suffering much, if any, of an offensive drop-off next year.

5. Bogut Will Take Pressure off Lee in the Post

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    Since David Lee has been a Warrior, he's been the only one getting points down low. Lee has been on an island in the post, but now in Bogut the Warriors have another post presence that will keep defenders honest, taking the pressure off Lee. 

    He is not going to wow anyone with his offensive game, but around the hoop Bogut can be dangerous; he can finish swiftly with ether hand. He can also get up and down the floor, which is a Warrior staple. 

    Defensively, it will be interesting because Lee has never had a post presence like Bogut in his career, and Lee's development will be something to watch next season. Lee's mind should be at ease knowing that if, or when his opponent gets by him, Bogut will be right there to help. Any presence will make Lee a better defender. 

    Bogut and Lee are going to make a fantastic duo next year just like Ellis and Curry were, only successful (hopefully). If they develop chemistry quickly and If Bogut makes Lee even an average defender, then the Warriors should be going to the playoffs next season.

    Well, as long as everyone stays healthy.