Post-Fedor: What's Ahead for Andrei Arlovski?

Nick ColonSenior Analyst IJanuary 28, 2009

From glass jaw to sharp boxing, Andrei Arlovski has got it all. That seemed to be the problem against the world's No. 1 Heavyweight fighter in Fedor Emelianenko.

AA had looked very good against Emelianenko within the first 3-4 minutes of the fight, but it was the short slip up from Arlovski that will forever be remembered by Fedor, Arlovski, and MMA fans alike.

Arlovski had Fedor on the ropes, much like Kazuyuki Fujita did, but instead of doing what Fujita did, Arlovski decided to go for the flying knee to put it away. Arlovski also decided to do a reckless Urijah Faber-like move and be sporadic with his jumping knee. Just like Faber, and Fujita, the ending was not a good one for Arlovski.

So what now for the former UFC Heavyweight champ?

Well, it looks like climbing back up the ladder is the only thing for AA to do. But where exactly? Affliction? UFC? DREAM?

It looks like his home right now will remain in Affliction, but for how much longer is unknown. Arlovski's best chance to climb the ladder would be back in the UFC against harder competition, but the likelihood of that happening right now isn't great, with upstart Heavyweights in Shane Carwin, Cheick Kongo, and others all ahead of Arlovski.

It appears that the road back to Fedor is a long one for AA, but one that will need to be traveled to show he is still among the elite in the Heavyweight division amongst the world's best.

Now, to cure a glass jaw...hmmm.