Revamping the WWE PPV Program

john mario@JohnM110x90Contributor IMay 2, 2012

Revamping the WWE PPV Program

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    For years, the WWE has dropped the ball on naming and placing their pay-per-view events.

    Some have be revamped to appeal to the new PG-era demographic, while others have been dropped and forgotten. I think the whole idea that WWE creative has about using "themed PPVs" has both sunk their PPV buy rates and hurt iconic matches like Hell In A Cell.

    So, instead of just complaining about it, I decided to lay out a plan for the future of the PPV horizon.

Starting Things Off with a Rumble...

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    The annual pay-per-view that opens the year will remain. Royal Rumble stays in its January slot.

    The only difference to this event is a slight gimmick addition. Blend the Royal Rumble and Night Of Champions events into one, and you'll have a card that will be jam-packed with upsets.

    It's a way to start the new year off fresh, as well. Having new champions right from the beginning of the year allows for new feuds to develop by the time WrestleMania rolls around.

The Next Stop Is a Chamber of Horrors...

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    Make it plural since there is more than one!

    Keeping the Elimination Chamber event around is a big plus. It's a highlighted obstacle on the road to immortality. I just think the title needs a minor improvement since every single Elimination Chamber event has had more than just one of those matches.

    My original thought was to title it "No Way Out: Elimination Chambers." It's a long title but I feel the name "No Way Out" fits better with an Elimination Chamber match than a steel cage, like WWE is planning.

    The event should remain in its current February slot.

The Night of the Immortals

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    March will not have any PPV events. Moving onto the biggest show in wrestling...


    It's the night where anything can happen. That's enough of a gimmick, in and of itself. Nothing more to be said here.

    WrestleMania in April. Keep it.

All First Quarter Feuds End with the Extreme....

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    The late April/early May PPV needs to remain Extreme Rules. It will be the final stop for feuds that began in the first four months of the year.

    At this event we get the following gimmick matches: Extreme Rules, Falls Count Anywhere, Last Man Standing and First Blood.

    You come to Extreme Rules wanting a bloody ending, and WWE should deliver.

New Feuds Fueled with a Vengeance....

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    Late May gets a nice title return with Vengeance. It will be where the feuds that began after Extreme Rules begin to pick up momentum.

    Gimmick matches should be absent at this event.

    The PPV should consist of actual, tense, back-and-forth wrestling matches. It should be the event where "good ol' wrasslin'" is showcased.

Welcome to the King's Court...

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    June will feature a fan favorite and possibly one of the most grueling events, the classic tournament event known only as King of the Ring.

    My idea is to combine several PPV events into one. Take an opportunity similar to Money In The Bank, including elements of TLC and add it to the tournament style of King of the Ring.

    One semifinal match will be a Chairs match, with chairs as the only permitted weapon.

    The second semifinal will be a Tables match—the winner is whoever puts their opponent through a table.

    The finals will be a Ladder match, with a briefcase containing a title shot for SummerSlam.

The Biggest Party of the Summer...

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    The July PPV slot will remain empty for my revamping, allowing for feuds leading into SummerSlam to really build.

    SummerSlam, occurring in early August, will be the event where feuds or unfinished business from Vengeance forward comes to a head.

    Any gimmicks can be used at this event to conclude whatever feuds have been boiling up.

Like Animals All Caged Up...

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    The buildup now heading towards Survivor Series will be no easy ride. The two events that I have leading into Survivor Series are made to be brutal.

    No Mercy, in early September, is the first stop on the road to Survivor Series. Swapping the name No Way Out for a more fitting title of No Mercy works best.

    That's right...No Mercy will feature steel cage matches. I think it should be the return of a style of Steel Cage that was only used once: the barbed wire steel cage! Every match needs to be contested in some form of steel cage. The idea that WWE has developed with the use of handcuffs and lumberjacks is great. Here's a quick jot down of what a card may look like.

    Match 1: Fatal 4-Way Divas Championship Steel Cage Match

    Match 2: Tornado Undisputed Tag Team Championship Steel Cage Match

    Match 3: World Heavyweight Champion Handcuff Steel Cage Match—before escaping the steel cage, the wrestler must handcuff their opponent, preventing their opponent's escape.

    Match 4: Intercontinental/United States Championship Lumberjack Steel Cage Match—the only way to win the match is by pin-fall, submission or escaping through the cage door.

    The cage used in the first four matches will be set up from the beginning of the show. The barbed wire steel cage will be lowered after the traditional cage has been dismantled and removed.

    Match 5: WWE Championship Barbed Wire Steel Cage Match—a traditional steel cage match with barbed wire and razor wire trimming the frame of the steel cage as well as razor wire around the door.

All Human Beings Have Their Breaking Point...

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    Late September will feature the next brutal stop on the path to Survivor Series—Breaking Point.

    All matches will be contested under the gimmicks involving "giving up." Most matches will be under the "Win By Submission" stipulation, except for the main event which will add a further layer of insult.

    What's worse than tapping? Saying "I Quit."

    Following the brutality of a steel cage match, the event where the competitors are pushed to ultimately submit will be very interesting. The match card might look something like this:

    Match 1: Diva's Submission Match

    Match 2: Tag Team Submission Match (Having your teammate tap out will bring strain to any Tag Team Champions.)

    Match 3: WWE Championship 60-Minute Submission Iron Man Match (Tapping out once is a shame, but multiple times? That's ego-destroying.)

    Match 4: World Heavyweight Championship "I Quit" Match

It's About Survival...

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    A slight change in the PPV schedule here, moving Survivor Series from November to mid-October. The event stays very similar to its past incarnations.

    Survivor Series Style Team matches (4-on-4, 5-on-5) with some extra gimmick input. The match card would look something like this.

    Match 1: Divas 4-on-4 Survivor Series Elimination Match

    Match 2: RAW vs SmackDown 6-on-6 Survivor Series Elimination Match

    Match 3: Intercontinental Champion's Team Vs United States Champion's Team, Winner Takes All—if either champion's teams are eliminated, they lose their championship to the victor.

    Match 4: World Heavyweight Championship Match

    Match 5: "Pick Your Poison" WWE Championship Survivor Series Elimination Match—the challenger picks the WWE Champion's team to represent him, and vice versa. Neither man competes in the match, and their fate is determined by the competitors chosen for them. Having anyone subvert your plan will result in the next PPV event...

All Deceptions Will Remain....

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    The outcome and heat that follow Survivor Series will lead us into the final arc of the year.

    Featured in November, Unforgiven will see the backlash of the team matches at Survivor Series coming to a satisfying pop.

    This is where the weasels get their punishment. Possible gimmicks could be a Bullrope or Chain match.

The End Is Here

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    Any unfinished business from No Mercy forward ends here.

    There is no "next time we meet." This is where the feud ends. This is Armageddon.

    Taking place during the month of December, Armageddon will feature the following matches:

    1. Inferno Match

    2. Armageddon Rules Match—the only way to win is to pin your opponent, make him tap and make him bleed.

    3. Six-Man Armageddon Hell In A Cell Match—five challengers and one champion.

    4. Three Stages Of Hell Match—Round 1: Chain Match, Round 2: Ladders Match, Round 3: Stretcher Match

One Final Look at the PPV Schedule

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    January: Royal Rumble

    One-Month Interval

    February: Elimination Chambers

    Six-Week Interval

    Early April: WrestleMania

    Two-Week Interval

    Late April: Extreme Rules

    Three-Week Interval

    May: Vengeance

    One-Month Interval

    June: King of the Ring

    Five/Six-Week Interval

    August: SummerSlam

    One-Month Interval

    Early September: No Mercy

    Two-Week Interval

    Late September: Breaking Point

    Three-Week Interval

    October: Survivor Series

    One-Month Interval

    November: Unforgiven

    One-Month Interval

    December: Armageddon