When Are The New York Mets Finally Going To Make a Move On Oliver Perez?

Andrew BailerContributor IJanuary 28, 2009

There was an article in the Tuesday (1/27) edition of Newsday saying that the Mets "are a little bit closer to re-signing left-hander Oliver Perez, but are also continuing talks with three other remaining free agent pitchers."

This is getting ridiculous.

Perez already turned down the initial three-year, $30 million offer that the Mets made, most likely because his agent, Scott Boras, told Ollie that he was worth more than that.

Both sides are at fault in this case, but perhaps the Mets are more to blame.

Mets General Manager Omar Minaya, who was so keen on signing another one of Boras' clients, Derek Lowe, is now in denial over the fact that Lowe ended up getting the deal that he wanted from the Atlanta Braves.

Minaya, can you please put your ego aside for one second and offer the left-hander who started Game 7 of the 2006 NLCS the contract that he wants?

I know that Perez has been inconsistent in the past, but when given the ball in a key situation like the win-or-go-home game against the Cardinals in 2006, he exceeded expectations.

Also, newsflash to Minaya: Your best pitcher, Johan Santana, wants Perez back with the ballclub this upcoming season.

I agree with Santana, and I don't want to see Pedro Martinez or Jon Niese having to pitch in Ollie's absence.