Ohio State vs. Michigan: Which Program Has Had a Better Offseason?

Adam JacobiBig Ten Football Lead WriterMay 1, 2012

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Ohio State fans are lucky, in a sense, that the NCAA ineligibility ruling came down when it did: two weeks before the offseason started. And really, if anything, Ohio State's fortunes have only gotten a boost over the offseason. In January, the NCAA decided that the Buckeyes could at least share in the bowl profits from the other B1G schools like everyone else in the conference.

That all said, I'm not seeing the Great Leap Forward yet from Ohio State this offseason, and I'm pretty sure Urban Meyer isn't either. Defense is an 11-man game, and OSU doesn't have anywhere near 11 good defenders yet. The fizzled battle between Storm Klein and Curtis Grant at MLB was a major disappointment. And is anything resolved at the safety position yet?

So yeah, I'll go with Michigan here. The Wolverines also have their own problem areas that didn't get adequately addressed in the spring, but, by and large, they look like a program that's pretty well set for 2012. And I really can't say enough about the recruiting job coach Brady Hoke is doing.

You can say that their recruiting success is a byproduct of their program's reputation. However, keep in mind that Michigan's last five years haven't exactly been stellar. Hoke has succeeded at bringing the talent to Ann Arbor in a big way and that needs to be commended.

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