Losers in the 2012 NFL Draft

NFL Draft 365Official AccountMay 1, 2012

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No one really knows how a draft turns out until two or three years down the road. However, the NFL has become a “win-now” league, and there’s literally no time for rebuilding programs. There’s too much at stake to create a long-term rebuilding process like teams did back in the day.

Bleacher Report asked four of our contributors to take a look at the teams they thought fared the worst in the draft.

When a team like the Jacksonville Jaguars ranked 29th in points scored and last in passing and receiving yards, and takes a punter in the third round, eyebrows have to be raised.

What about the 49ers? If you are getting a receiver in the first round at pick No. 30, players like Brian Quick, Stephen Hill, Alshon Jeffery or Rueben Randle would roll off the tongue. But Illinois WR A.J. Jenkins?

Did the Seahawks take a huge gamble when they selected linebacker Bruce Irvin 15th overall? Some say yes. After all, Irvin has one strength, and a good one—eating up quarterbacks. But, the Seahawks could have traded down to get the West Virginia linebacker.

Finally, the Denver Broncos made the most noise this offseason with the signing of Peyton Manning. You’d think they’d have gotten some weapons for him in the draft. Instead, they selected Cincinnati’s DT Derek Wolfe. If they were going that route, Michigan State’s Jerel Worthy was available.

Meanwhile, John Elway showed his love for second-round selection Brock Osweiler, who will be Peyton Manning’s understudy. Best-case scenario, this will be an Aaron Rodgers-Brett Favre situation. At worst, it could be a colossal mistake. Michigan State’s Kirk Cousins would have been the much safer bet here.

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