WWE: Chris Jericho's Next Feud Should Be with Randy Orton

Sammy SucuSenior Analyst IMay 1, 2012

Photo by Wrestling-Superstars.com
Photo by Wrestling-Superstars.com

Randy Orton and Chris Jericho would easily help continue the hot streak the WWE has been on as of late. 

Both competitors are currently without a feud. Jericho has just lost to CM Punk at two consecutive pay-per-views, and he missed his chance to beat the clock last night and earn a third opportunity against the straight-edge superstar. 

On the other hand, Orton split two matches between him and Kane. Orton also had his chance at beating the clock and getting a title shot against Punk, but Daniel Bryan beat his time because he was fighting a much weaker opponent than anyone else. 

Being a face, there is not much of a chance that Orton would get into a feud with Sheamus for the World Heavyweight Championship. Even if Orton turned heel, it would not be right to put him in another feud with Sheamus, considering they already had a long one last summer. 

In Jericho's case, there is not much left for him to fight with on the roster. Most of the great talent left are either in feuds or are heels. 

It only makes sense to match Jericho and Orton up against each other for a couple of months while Punk and Bryan are having what should be a very epic feud. Both the Viper and Y2J are big draws for the WWE, and if matched together, it could give fans more reason to purchase the Over the Limit PPV and No Way Out. 

What is interesting about a feud between these two is that Orton punted Jericho in the skull prior to his long vacation from the WWE. After the punt, Jericho was out for more than a year.

Even though Orton is the face and Jericho is the heel, the feud could run off this incident between the two and carry on. 

Another way to spin a feud between the two is to have Jericho use his classic heel tactics and claim that Orton is a "has-been." Jericho could point out how Orton has not had the belt for a while and that he is losing all of his fame within the WWE.

Then Orton could come back at Jericho and notify him that he just lost twice to Punk, someone whom Orton has beaten plenty of times.

This feud can continue on this premise along with the back-and-forth mind games both of these men love to play. This would definitely be a very interesting feud between two superstars who are currently lost in the shuffle, and if done right, this will produce incredible results from both a business and wrestling point of view. 

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