The Decline Of Indiana Basketball

Joe HastenContributor IJanuary 28, 2009

Back in the day, Indiana was a place of basketball greatness. Bob Knight lead the Hoosiers to an undefeated season, Reggie Miller was a clutch shooter, and basketball was larger than life in Indiana.

The state of Indiana is now a laughingstock in the basketball world. The Hoosiers have been scared by the corruption of Kelvin Sampson, and the Pacers are now near the bottom of the NBA. True, Notre Dame, Purdue, and Butler are still good teams, but it is not the same without the Hoosiers.

The Pacers started to decline when Detroit became a powerhouse in the East. The beginning of the end started with the Brawl in Detroit, where Ron Artest and others attacked Pistons fans. Artest was suspended for the season.

Another stepback was when Reggie Miller retired. True, he was old, but he was the face of the Pacers franchise.

The Hoosiers demise started this year, when star recruit Eric Gordon left after his freshman year. Almost every player decided to leave out of support for their coach. At the time it seemed like a smart decision to fire Sampson, but now that Indiana basketball has suffered this blow, one can not help but rethink this decision.

The Pacers once were a lock for the playoffs in November, but now they may not win 30 games this season. The Hoosiers went from Big Ten powerhouse to the worst team in the conference.

Is Indiana basketball doomed? Or will they bounce back soon. I think that my fellow Hoosiers and I agree that the Pacers and Hoosiers need to rebound soon.