Today on MMA Twitter: Urijah Faber Almost Makes Dana White Pee His Pants

Jonathan Snowden@JESnowdenCombat Sports Senior WriterMay 2, 2012

Today on MMA Twitter: Urijah Faber Almost Makes Dana White Pee His Pants

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    I don't know what I'd do without Twitter. It's exasperating at times, but it keeps me in tune with the world of MMA. Who is spouting nonsense or random slurs? What fights does Joe Silva have lined up for us? Who is Dana White yelling at today?

    Keeping up with Twitter is a daunting task. It's easy to miss things—and that's why I'll be here every evening, breaking down the day's best and most important tweets.

    Today Ronda Rousey rings a bell, Dana White releases a new vlog, and I get accused of being a hockey goon.

The UFC on Fox 4 Main Event Is Announced

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    The Brian Stann-Hector Lombard fight has been rumored for a couple of days, but now looks to be official for the next UFC Fox card and main event.

    Lombard, a former Bellator star, will immediately jump into the UFC's deep end.

    Via Heavy's Matt Brown

Why No MMA Stars on ESPN's List?

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    It was later confirmed that ESPN didn't include MMA stars on their list because no one really knows how much MMA stars make.

    That's an interesting stance considering ESPN's recent documentary subject torching the UFC's pay scale.

    Via MMA Fighting's Mike Chiappetta

Ronda and Friends Ring That Bell

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    Ronda Rousey will be the first woman to fight for the UFC. Mark my words. They are giving her a full on publicity blitz.

    via Ronda Rousey

Yves Edwards Doesn't Understand Kids These Days

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    Yves Edwards is 35 years old. If this keeps up, he'll be yelling at kids to get off his lawn. The aging process—it's not a pretty sight.

    Via Yves Edwards

Dana White Is About to Pee Himself

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    Who doesn't love Dana White's fight week video blogs? Don't answer that. I'd rather not know about the kind of sickos who populate this earth.

    via Urijah Faber

Poor Weight Cutters

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    I feel so sorry for the poor guys cutting weight. That's why it's best to be a heavyweight, even if you're only 5'6" with lifts.

    via Dustin Poirier

Announcers with Attitude

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    I love Stephen Quadros and miss his work with Pat Miletich and Mauro Ranallo on Strikeforce Challengers.

    But it's really hard to imagine Stephen listening to Eazy, Dre, Cube and the gang.

    I'd pay good money to see a Quadros karaoke version of "F*#k the Police."

    via Stephen Quadros

Rampage on a Rampage

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    Quinton "Rampage" Jackson is continuing the charade that he's going to leave the UFC after his next fight. I smell a negotiation.

    via Crooklyn

I'm a Hockey Goon?

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    One of the world's great Internet commenters compares me to a hockey goon. My preferred reference is wrestler Fit Finlay—I like to fight.

    via Smoogy

Jon Jones Is Long

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    Who compares favorably with Jon Jones in the reach department? How about seven-foot kickboxing sensation Semmy Schilt?

    via Chris Pappas