Biggest Winners in NFL Draft

NFL Draft 365Official AccountMay 1, 2012

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Draft grading is as much of an art as the drafting itself, providing fans with with a sense of relief or despair based on their team's selections. 

Each year, a handful of teams are given top marks by analysts and pundits alike—a reward for optimizing picks, filling needs and maximizing the value of drafting position.

Some teams are winners, while others are, well, losers.

"The Rush" comes to you just a few short days after the 2012 draft's conclusion, with the Bleacher Report guys arguing over which teams were the biggest winners from the draft.

Traditional powers Pittsburgh and Philadelphia made a major upgrades. For Pittsburgh, both lines were bolstered, while Philadelphia snatched up big-time potential on defense. Both teams made a great case for being the biggest winner in the draft.

Two other teams may just have stolen the Keystone State teams' thunder. Find out why on "The Rush."

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