Monday Night Raw Results 4/30/2012: The Top 5 Questions Going Forward

Joe McDonaldCorrespondent IIMay 1, 2012

Monday Night Raw Results 4/30/2012: The Top 5 Questions Going Forward

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    Luckily, my arm did not get broken tonight so I could write this article!

    Tonight, we witnessed broken arms, terrible dancing and one confusing ending.

    As I do every Monday night following Raw, I present the top questions going forward.

    These questions are meant to stimulate conversation and give us pause, so we can examine current storylines.

    Shall we have at it?

Will Triple H Face Brock Lesnar in the Future?

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    The first “broken” arm of the night belonged to Triple H. After he denied Brock Lesnar’s outrageous demands, Lesnar destroyed the current COO of the WWE.

    The second Lesnar touched Triple H, I began to wonder when they were going to have a match. I'm sure I'm not the only person who believes we will see the Chief Operating Officer, yet again, be involved in a match.

    It's hard not to jump to conclusions like these, considering there's no room for Brock Lesnar at Over the Limit since John Cena has already moved on to Lord Tensai. Lesnar will most likely be left off the card and will scarcely be seen on television until Triple H gets better.

    I may not be Lesnar’s biggest fan, but I feel like the man lost some credibility by looking unstoppable only to lose to Cena, and now, he targets Triple H instead of facing a current wrestler on the roster.

    Will Brock Lesnar face Triple H in the future?

Is this the end of Chris Jericho?

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    2012 has not been a pretty year for Chris Jericho or his “Jericho-holics.” He came back after a plethora of cryptic promos only to have one of the most “unsuccessful” returns of all time.

    Anyone who has read my articles over the last few months knows that I'm not a huge Jericho fan. However, it's hard to ignore his excellent mic skills and his amazing ability inside the ring. I was extremely critical of his return, but I may be one of the few people who do not believe his return was in vain.

    Jericho came back only to lose every main event he has been involved in. If I were a fan of his, I would be bummed like many of you are. However, Jericho’s time is over. He came back and helped put over CM Punk, and in my book, he deserves all the credit in the world.

    The WWE has so few legitimate guys that Punk honestly needed Chris Jericho to come back and help make his title run memorable. I admit that the feud between Punk and Jericho did not meet my expectations, but it was still entertaining.

    You have to respect Jericho for doing the right thing and help a younger star by putting him over. My favorite wrestler, Shawn Michaels, did this repeatedly for guys at the end of his career. As a fan of HBK, I hated to see him lose, but I understood the practicality of it. I can always watch WrestleMania 12 or Royal Rumble 95, if I have the desire to see Shawn Michaels win.

    The same can be said for Jericho. He accomplished many great things in the WWE, and one more title run was never going to make a difference in Jericho’s overall legacy. I commend him for putting his pride away and doing the right thing.

    Will Chris Jericho leave the WWE now that his feud with Punk is over?

Do the New Tag Team Champions Excite You?

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    Boom Truth? Jimmy in Paradise? Consequence O.S?

    These are just some of the names I could come up with in such a short amount of time for the WWE to coin the newly crowned Tag Team Champions. Tonight, Kofi Kingston and R-Truth defeated Epico & Primo to become the new champions.

    Does this excite you at all?

    Sometimes change for change’s sake gets people excited. I will not speak for everyone, but this move did nothing for me. It is not so much that Kingston and Truth won as much as I just do not see the point in it.

    The major trend in the WWE seems to be to just throw a few jobbers together and call them a tag team. At the very least, Epico and Primo were made to look like a legitimate team and not just thrown together like Kofi Kingston and whoever decided to be his partner this month.

    This is just another temporary move by the writers to make us believe they care about the tag team division still.

    What do you think about Kofi Kingston and R-Truth winning the titles?

Why Is Jerry Lawler Wrestling?

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    I try to be unbiased but still opinionated and thought provoking. When I started here, I listened to many of you give helpful advice, and I always appreciated when you told me I was being too negative or too positive. I am begging you to let me be negative just this one time.

    It's a very strong pet peeve of mine to see Jerry Lawler or Michael Cole doing anything except commentating. I can barely stomach them as the “voices” of the WWE, let alone when they get involved in wrestling matches.

    Jerry Lawler is a legend and should be commended for being one of the people who helped make wrestling into the national phenomenon it has become. However, Jerry Lawler is now 62 years old, and I am tired of seeing him in matches.

    I enjoyed when Lawler would “surprise” us all in the 1990s and enter the Royal Rumble even though he was a commentator. That was nearly 20 years ago, and enough is enough of Lawler being in the ring.

    Instead of Daniel Bryan having an exciting match with one of the younger wrestlers on the roster, he beat a 62-year-old man.

    Is that the criteria to become the No. 1 contender for the WWE championship? Sign me up, I’ll go beat up my uncle right now, and the WWE can put me in the main event at the next PPV.

    The point is the WWE looks stupid when you have Lawler competing for the right to face the WWE champion. It shows how so little talent there is in the WWE when you have Lawler competing.

    It’s out of my system. Now, I ask did anyone enjoy Lawler facing Daniel Bryan tonight?

Why Is a 12-Time WWE Champion Always the Underdog?

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    So after feuding with CM Punk for months, John Laurinaitis randomly sets his attention on John Cena and lays him out? Then, he challenges Cena to a match at the next pay-per-view?

    What's next? John Cena breaks every bone in his body but still manages to win the tag team championships himself?

    This is not me “hating” on John Cena. The only thing I hate is when people use the word “hate” as a cop-out for writers on here being critical of Cena.

    Just look at the last few feuds. First, Kane came back with his scary mask and was destroying Zack Ryder and John Cena only for Cena to ultimately win. Good triumphed over evil, and John Cena proved he would never, ever turn heel.

    Then, he moved onto The Rock. He lost cleanly so I give him kudos, but he was made to look like he “needed” the win to validate himself. John Cena is one of the biggest names in history and should not need to “prove himself” to anyone.

    Then, the unstoppable Brock Lesnar came back and destroyed Cena for weeks. Lesnar looked absolutely terrifying and unstoppable. Just when you thought Brock was going to be the “new face of the WWE,” John Cena ends up beating Lesnar in his first match back in the WWE.

    After all of that, John Laurinaitis snaps for no reason and attacks Cena?

    Can we just let CM Punk get the spotlight for one PPV? He's the WWE champion, yet he never main events a pay-per-view because the WWE is too busy creating “must-see” feuds for John Cena. Give Cena the title back then because if he is going to always to be in the main event, then I at least want to see the title get some prestige back.

    I obviously understood why Cena was in the main event of WrestleMania 28 because it was a match between two of the biggest WWE stars of all time. However, it boggles my mind why we are STILL seeing Cena being put into the big feuds while CM Punk, Randy Orton and Sheamus wallow in midcard madness.

    Laurinaitis and Punk have a history, so it would have made logical sense to see Lord Tensai begin a feud with CM Punk. Big Johnny could have used Tensai to try to put Punk down.

    Again, I do not hate John Cena, I just want to see an alternative to Cena once in a while. I am not asking for heel turns, character changes or the return of the “Doctor of Thuganomics.” I am only asking to see someone else be the story for just one month. Is that really too much to ask?

    Let me know how you feel below and remember to list the questions that came out of Raw for you. Also remember to follow me on Twitter @ClassicJoeyMac.

    Keep it classic everyone!