WWE Rumors: Triple H, Brock Lesnar, John Cena and Tuesday's Top WWE News

Adam WellsFeatured ColumnistMay 1, 2012

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - FEBRUARY 16: Triple H attends a press conference to announce a major international event at MetLife Stadium on February 16, 2012 in East Rutherford, New Jersey. (Photo by Michael N. Todaro/Getty Images)
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When wrestling, particularly WWE, is good, it's really good. However, when it's bad, you get nonsensical things like what we have seen the last two days. 

How the WWE thought it was a good idea to have Brock Lesnar lose to John Cena is baffling in its own right. Add to that the fact that WWE decides to follow up that match with Cena against...John Laurinaitis. 

Even Lord Tensai, who actually gets less of a reaction coming out than I would, probably would be better, though not much. 

At least we have news, rumors and speculation to get us through the days until something really good happens. 



The start of Raw saw Lesnar attack Triple H, lock in a kimura on the COO and "break" his arm. This is just me speculating, but the first thought that went through my mind is that they are setting up a Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar match at SummerSlam. 

Question on Everybody's Mind: Will the WWE actually do that?

Our Take: Who knows what the WWE is thinking right now. Plans change on a dime, so what happened last night could have no bearing on what Vince McMahon comes up with today. It would seem to make sense, since Lesnar can be suspended and Triple H will get time to heal his arm. 

Hype Meter: 5 out of 5 MMA Holds

One of the best thing Lesnar has going for him is his unique fighting style. If you watch UFC, then it is not really unique. However, when you put that vicious brutality on WWE television, it is something special that makes him feel different. 

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Courtesy of WWE.com
Courtesy of WWE.com

If you thought the fans were the only ones confused about the result of the Lesnar vs. Cena match at Extreme Rules, you better look again. Reportedly, there are people backstage who did not agree with the decision to put Cena over Lesnar because now Lesnar is just another guy. 

Question on Everybody's Mind: Where were these people when the match was laid out?

Our Take: People backstage can only say so much. At the end of the day, all decisions, wins, losses and everything in between come down to what Vince McMahon wants. He thought Cena winning was the right call, so that's what you got. 

Hype Meter: 5 out of 5 Creative Conflicts

As much as we want to bash on the creative team for being incompetent, really the only person whom we should be talking about is McMahon. The success or failure of an angle comes down to what he wants it to look like, and this one did not end the way it should have. 

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Backstage Fallout To Lesnar vs. Cena (Wrestling Observer)



While we knew this day was coming because it was talked about earlier this month, WWE officially let the Bella Twins go on Monday night. Nikki and Brie's contract expired last night, so that is likely why Nikki lost the title to Layla at Extreme Rules. 

Question on Everybody's Mind: What will WWE do without the Twins?

Our Take: While their wrestling left a lot to be desired, the Bella Twins were actually entertaining, for the most part, when they got to speak on camera. WWE has tried to put Eve Torres in that lead female role, with solid results thus far. Until Kharma comes back, though, no one will care about the Divas division. 

Hype Meter: 4 out of 5 Twins

Even though the Bella Twins are not a major staple of WWE programming, you get the feeling this move was a long time coming. Unless you are a top star in the company, it is hard to really do anything and be taken seriously. Perhaps the Indy scene will be better for the dynamic duo. 

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You remember Sin Cara, right? He is that masked man who would occasionally botch a move or two and was so close to injuring himself and everyone around him until he eventually blew out his ankle trying to dive through the ropes at Survivor Series. He is reportedly on the verge of returning at the end of the month. 

Question on Everybody's Mind: Does the WWE still have grand plans for him?

Our Take: It would be difficult to imagine at this point. WWE wants all its new talent to act so grateful to be in the company, but Sin Cara did not have that attitude and some people didn't care for it. Here's hoping he doesn't get buried, because he can be entertaining when he is on top of his game. 

Hype Meter: 4 out of 5 Mid-Card Stars

At this point WWE needs all the bodies it can get, so it doesn't really matter what happens with Sin Cara. As long as he is an attraction, his return will be good for the company. Plus, Vince McMahon will make oodles of money selling his mask for $75 a pop. 

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