The Scott Upshall Effect

Joe BussContributor IJanuary 28, 2009

Mike Richards, Jeff Carter, or Martin Biron may be the Flyers of choice for some fans. 

Me? I'm going with Scott Upshall.

Upshall is one of the most underrated right wings in the league today. He has 41 points, a mere four shy of Carter.

In an interview on Dec. 23, Upshall stated he would appreciate more fans of his skills and not his looks.

Emerging from the shadow of the traded Peter Forsberg, Upshall started the season slow, only averaging 0.33 points per game. He has come a long way since.

The Flyers exhibit dedication, skill, and morality, and Upshall embodies those qualities. He is not afraid to fight, but he doesn't complain about penalties either.

His presence on the ice boosts team morale and helps increase scoring.

Here's an interesting statistic: 98 percent of the time Upshall gets into a fight, the Flyers win, regardless of whether Upshall is the victor. You'd think opposing players would stop antagonizing him.

And let's not forget the "Upshall Effect," aptly named for his tendency to score a goal and then yell about it.

Upshall has been working significantly well this year, scoring more goals than he has in  previous years, and has earned the right to celebrate his goals.

That is the "Upshall Effect."

It is also the "Flyers Effect."