Let's Take a Closer Look

Purple HazeCorrespondent IJanuary 28, 2009

This has to stop. Is there anyone out there who really knows professional wrestling is a TV show? There are too many people who believe this ongoing soap opera is actually real. I grew up in the era of Black Jack Lanza, Ray Stevens, The Crusher, and the rest of the pro wrestlers who actually put the “pro” in pro-wrestling. That era is over & this trash has taken its place.

Let’s look at a few things that makes this industry as phony as the Bush White House and just as dangerous to the children of America.

  1. Has anyone noticed every time John Cena is out due to an "injury", one of his movies come out shortly thereafter?
  2. The character Abyss has been institutionalized & incarcerated and he’s a fan favorite.
  3. Cryme Tyme can refer to their opponents as “silly white boys” and nobody seems to care.
  4. The Undertaker glorifies death.
  5. The majority of the females in all of sports entertainment wear way too little to be seen by any child.
  6. Randy Orton blames his violence on IED. They are using what is a serious condition to justify ignorance. Let’s ALL do that.
  7. Sting promotes a life in Christ and then portrays an anti-social thug.

I fully understand this may be too difficult for most of you to digest at once. With that being said, I’ll go about this slowly and point out just a few things at a time. When all is said and done you will simply turn the channel and put an end to this world-wide disaster.