NBA: East vs. West

Matt LeeContributor IMarch 3, 2008

Doesn't it mean something that the 8th place team in the NBA Western Conference has a 36-22 record, while the same-ranked team in the East has a record of 26-33?

Orlando, the 3rd place team in the East, with 38 wins has a record only slightly better than Golden State, the 8th place team in the West.  The 4th place Eastern team, the Cavs, has two less wins than Golden State.  There are only four teams in the whole Western Conference with a record that's worse than 8th-place Jersey's 26-33.

Why is it that the Western Conference teams continuously dominate the NBA? How come the East only has two Finals Trophies to its name since the Jordan Era?

As of recent, the East has been winning their share All-Star games, but as of 2003 they had only won one this century.

Being a big Celts fan, I hope the East either brings it up to Western Conference-level of play, or stay where they are. Nothing in between. But maybe if some premiere players from the West wanted to join a few sad teams over here, it could liven things up a bit...or maybe not.